Asher’s Birth Story

This is the story of how our newest addition, Asher, came into our lives…

Just like with my pregnancy with Ford, I had a lot of edema, especially in my hands. My hands were painfully numb this time around. The last few days before I delivered it was so much worse. On Tuesday, November 8th, I went down to the OB office to complain
to Joanna and see if there was anything I could do to help with the painful numbness. She immediately questioned if I’d checked my blood pressure recently. I hadn’t, but knew she was thinking possible pre-eclampsia, so I started freaking out (internally mostly,
maybe a little on the outside). Sure enough, my blood pressure was way high, 148/89. Joanna was able to move my NST (non stress test) to that afternoon. I was having them weekly after they found out I had polyhydramnios (high amniotic fluid) at my 36 week
ultrasound in maternal fetal medicine  (because I was measuring so big).

Mom and I went to lunch and Target to return/exchange a few things, then headed back to work. An hour or so later it was time for my NST. The nurse who performed my NST was actually a patient from our office so it was kind of fun because she did a longer ultrasound
to show us baby. Unfortunately, my BP was not really going down. So then I got sent to Labor & Delivery to get monitored there. I was joking around that I needed to go home because I had a hair appointment that night, then I was getting the carpets cleaned
the next morning and Olivia had a grooming appointment on Thursday. I had things to do! I was not going to have a baby yet! It turns out, having high BP and high amniotic fluid are a bad mix and not safe for momma or baby. It was around 6pm when Dr. Grover
called me and told me that I was being admitted and starting the induction process.

Dr. Grover came in around 8pm to put a cervical balloon in to help my cervix dilate and get me started on Pitocin. The nurses and Dr. Grover assured me that baby would be here in 6 – 10 hours. “Oh, second baby, second induction?! This will be quick!”

I lasted about 3 hours on the pitocin before I got my epidural. I was able to rest a lot better after that. They told me once I hit 4cm the cervical balloon would fall out, and that they couldn’t check me until it fell out. By the next morning it still hadn’t
fallen out. So much for that 6-10 hour thing. Dr. Grover came in to check me and that’s when we realized the balloon had fallen out of my cervix, but not enough that it was visible to the nurses who had been checking me all night & morning. So it wasn’t known
exactly when I hit 4 cm. Dr. Grover decided that it was time to break my water to see if that would help move things along. I had sent Diz home to let the carpet cleaning crew in, so he missed the water breaking. 🙂 We all expected a huge gush to come because
of how much fluid I had, so it was a bit of a let down when it was more of a slow, steady leak. Ha!

We expected things to move along quickly after my water was broken, however, Baby Asher was perfectly cozy. I was checked multiple times (by multiple nurses and residents) over the next few hours with only a cm of change. Unfortunately I began to spike a fever
and had to have an antibiotic added to my IV, this also meant Asher was going to need to be on IV antibiotics for 36 hours once he was born. By 6pm I was at 5.5cm. I was so exhausted, mentally and physically. I was in tears. The nurses called Dr. Grover and
told me she’d be by in an hour to check on me. She came in a little past 7pm and checked and agreed I was at 5.5 (there was some discrepancy among some of the nurses). She understood I was exhausted but wasn’t quite ready to throw in the towel on a vaginal
birth. I was concerned about having the strength to push after 24+ hours without food (only 8oz of apple juice over that time) and how much longer it was going to take to get fully dilated.

As exhausted as I was, I was starting to second guess myself in wanting a c-section. Dr. Grover wanted me to wait a few more hours to see if I would progress. I asked if we should do another ultrasound. The week prior at my NST, he had turned breech  (head
up, bum down). After I had been admitted to Labor & Delivery, and Dr. Grover came to put the cervical balloon in, she also did an ultrasound, and found that Asher was back to a head down position, but was sunny side up (face up). There was just so much fluid
that he  basically had his own personal swimming pool. 😉 Dr. Grover agreed that another ultrasound was a good idea. Well… Asher was head down, but had shifted to a “brow presentation” and his back was transverse  (sideways). At that point Dr. Grover said
she was less optimistic that I would progress and she asked me “Are you done? You’re done, right? Let’s do a c-section and get your baby here.” I couldn’t sign the consent form fast enough.

I was wheeled into the OR just before 8pm. I was exhausted. I was literally falling asleep while they were starting. Dr. Grover had her father Dr. Glenn assist during the c-section. I asked the anesthesiologist a few times if he had put anything in my epidural
or IV because I couldn’t even keep my eyes open. Even Diz kept questioning if I was ok. The anesthesiologist assured me it was just the epidural, no additional meds. I wanted the drape down so I could see what they were doing, but I could only see the doctor’s
heads and occasionally their hands moving around, none of the good stuff. 😉 By 8:13pm Asher was born! Diz went with him to the next room while the nurses got him cleaned up and measured. He brought him back in and I finally got to get a good look at him.
He was beautiful! A blonde version of Ford! Dr. Grover and Dr. Glenn got to work on putting all my insides back together and we chatted about CrossFit (Dr. Grover and the anesthesiologist, Dr. Dial both CrossFit at CrossFit UV) and the latest episode of The
Walking Dead (we all were grieving the loss of Glenn at the hand of Negan & Lucille). I thought it was hilarious that while they had my uterus laying out on my stomach we were talking about a zombie show! Dr. Glenn joked that it was a little inappropriate.
Diz later told me that he wished he hadn’t looked through the window because it was more gruesome than he imagined. I guess the norm is to suture the uterus back together on top of the stomach. Is it weird that I really wish I could have watched?!

Diz went with Asher to the nursery and I went back to our room. After a few minutes Diz came back and we went to our new room on the Mother Baby floor and I finally got to snuggle with Asher and feed him. We are completely smitten with him. 

Wright Family Photos

My brother Jason and his son Jacob (my nephew) came to UT in July to visit. We squeezed a lot of activities into a few days. I took Jacob to CrossFit a few times, including a Y hike (killed my poor calves… ouch!), they went fishing, boating, cabin-ing. 😉

My Dad wanted family photos, since I think the last one we had of all of us (besides Josh’s wedding) was when we were just kids. So we went to FotoFly (are you seeing a trend here?) in Draper. Poor Jen was very pregnant (in fact she gave birth just 2 short days later), but we assured her we would take another one the next time we were together again.

2015-53564-1 2015-53564-8 2015-53564-11 2015-53564-21

Ford’s 2 year Photo Shoot/Family Pics

Because we had such good luck with Ford’s 18 month photo shoot – we went back to FotoFly, but this time we went to FotoFly Away, which is at Thanksgiving Point. It’s a little more expensive, but man, the scenery can’t be beat. Our photographer was great, so incredibly patient with Ford (& Olivia!).

2015-13083 -53 2015-13083 -46 2015-13083 -41 2015-13083 -31 2015-13083 -17 2015-13083 -7 2015-13083 -3 2015-13083 -59

Ford’s 18 month photo shoot

We went to FotoFly in Draper for Ford’s 18 month photo shoot – and we are so in love with all the photos we got. We were in and out in less than an hour and our edited photos were sent to us while we were driving home!

Here are a few of our favorites







We went to see Santa at the mall on Saturday. I wasn’t sure how Ford would react… he’s been showing signs of ‘stranger danger’ lately so I figured he’d be a little apprehensive. We went right as the mall opened on Saturday, so there was no line – we basically walked right up. Ford seemed okay at first, I thought we’d try letting him sit by himself.

That lasted about .234 seconds. So we got family pictures!



this was the best we could get.
Maybe next year he’ll like Santa a little more.