the BEST week ever…

okay, so not really…

anyone who has talked to me in the last few days knows I have not been the happiest clam. BUT tonight… was pretty sweet. Two of my best gal pals (you know who you are) and I went to dinner at the best mexican place (joe bandidos, as if you had to ask?!) and I basically vented every frustration I’ve been dealing with. It was nice to just let it all out with someone besides my mom. It was nice to hear other opinions and get a fresh spin on things. There is just something cathartic about being completely honest about how I feel and realizing that it’s ok to feel that way. And of course, feeling somewhat reassured that things are going to change (I hope!).

So after a hellish week, tonight left me feeling oh-so-thankful for great friendships and somewhat optimistic about the future.


2 thoughts on “the BEST week ever…

  1. allie says:

    i love you ash! i’m so glad we went! πŸ™‚ jeni and i decided that we want to make that a monthly thing…especially if things change soon and we can’t talk every day haha. love you girl!


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