It's All About Attitude…

So I’m trying to become a COA (certified ophthalmic assistant) for work and have been working (independent study style) on the test for a while now… way too long, I need to bust my butt and get it done… Anyways, while I was reading the text I came across a short paragraph that really hit home:

“Attitude truly affects everything you do and, interestingly, attitude is perhaps the only thing about your job which you can have total control. Of course, you can voluntarily give up that control and allow others to manipulate your attitude; when that happens you tend to blame your attitude on other people or on circumstances.”

Since I read it, I copied it, cut it out and have it sitting on the desk at work to remind me daily that I am in control of me… I can’t control anyone else (Lord knows I’ve tried… ha ha) and I don’t want to give up the control to anyone else. I have no excuse to be in a bad mood at work! I admit that I have been in raunchy moods at work lately, and looking back now… I think, what a punk I am… I had no excuse! lol… so someone didn’t do their job right… what’s new? As long as I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, that’s all that matters. I can only worry about the quality of my own work. I can’t let other people’s faults put me in a bad mood or frustrate me. It gets me nowhere and honestly… I’ve got enough shit going on in my life to have work problems get in the way.

Life is not perfect and neither am I. I’m learning that lesson a lot these days and that’s okay with me… I’m too much Type-A for my own good!


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