It’s a Catholic thing, (Yes, I’m Catholic!) for those of you who have no clue what Lent is… which might be a lot of you. So let me explain:

Lent is a period of fasting and repentance traditionally observed by Catholics in preparation for Easter. Ash Wednesday and Lent began as a way for Catholics to remind themselves to repent of their sins in a manner similar to how people in the Old Testament repented in sackcloth, ashes, and fasting. Over the centuries it has developed a much more “sacramental” value. Many Catholics understand giving something up for Lent as a way to gain blessing from God.

Okay, okay. So I googled it. Whatever. Don’t judge me. I know what it means for the most part, but I wanted it to sound a little smarter. =) Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, which was last week (the 26th) and goes until Easter, 40 days. I certainly don’t make it to church every Sunday, but when it comes to Lent, I’m so super strict. No joke. Once as a kid, I had given up candy and some random day during Lent, my Mom and I went to get frozen yogurt and I got gummy bears on my yogurt and half way home I’d realized what I’d done, and was basically in tears. I felt so guilty! My tradition has been to give up soda and candy for the last few years, however, this year, I’ve added trail mix and nuts (at work) to the list. I can handle the candy and soda, usually, though the first week or so I get horrid caffeine withdrawal headaches (thank goodness for Excedrin), but my weakness is snacking on trail mix and mixed nuts at work. So that got added to the list this year. And I’m proud to say, so far so good, no soda, candy, trail mix or nuts! LOL.

p.s. how many more days til Easter??? I want some peeps and a Diet Coke!


3 thoughts on “Lent…

  1. Cher says:

    I always called it “Lint”. I remember going through this with your mom. She always gave up chips and salsa. One year I got her to go without gum!


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