My Wish List…

So here’s the thing… I want a lot of things. LOL. I know, I know… I sound so very spoiled, but I really don’t care. Some of the following are true ‘wishing-on-a-star’ things and some are honestly valid and others are just me being a spoiled brat. I was talking about this with my momma at work today and it kind of made me laugh, so here’s my list:

  • dishwasher- and I’m not talking manually people, I want a dishwasher (that works) that I can load every night after dinner. I hate washing dishes, ugh!
  • treadmill- if you had asked me 6 months ago, I would have told you I hated the treadmill, however, in the last month or so I’ve turned into the biggest baby and basically refuse to run outside. So I’ve been hitting the gym at 5am, almost daily to run, but the great thing is that I’ve really been pushing myself speed wise.
  • the coral uggs in the Victoria’s secret catalogue – don’t judge me! (pg 83, size 9… thanks)
  • a house- I’m so sick of our apartment! I’d even take a newer (or brand new) apartment. I just want something that is completely fresh and clean. I never feel like our apartment is clean, even though I’m a clean freak.
  • big ol‘ bookcase- I’ve been the biggest bookworm lately, (poor dizzle) and I want to keep buying books and I want somewhere to put them, besides my closet.
  • lifetime supply of botox– again… don’t judge and (well… ) don’t ask. LOL
  • 4-door Jeep- there just hot-looking, that’s all
  • or a Range Rover– again, just hot-looking.
  • Sometimes the Spirit Often Touches Us Through Our Weaknesses by James Christensen- It’s one of my favorites by that artist, I have a calendar print that I want to frame, but I’d love to have an AP to frame. The painting is beautiful and has an equally, if not more, beautiful story that goes along with it. As life goes on, the more the story applies to my life.
  • TiVo-oh how I miss it… I haven’t watched Grey’s for 2 seasons, or One Tree Hill (but I’m way behind on that one), or 90210, and I’d love to TiVo EVERY episode of CSI: Miami out there.
  • learn how to shoot a hand gun- pistol, .45, or whatever the hell those things are called, LOL. I just want to learn and shoot at a target and hit the right spot. I have Callie and Horatio (CSI Miami) to thank for that lil‘ inspiration.
  • Become a Digital Scrapbooker– and a damn good one at that, my cousin, Leslie, makes the cutest pages and it’s supposedly very easy. She’s gonna teach me this weekend, so who knows, perhaps I’ll post some of my attempts. LOL.
  • a new Washer and Dryer-but the super cute ones, preferably red and front loading. =)
  • oh yeah, and a KitchenAid Mixer- again, preferably some cute bright color. Even though I don’t bake that often. I just want one.

I sound like that girl on Willy Wonka, Violet?? (is that right?!) “But Daddy I want it NOW!” I promise you that I’m not really that spoiled!

Hope y’all are having a great week!


2 thoughts on “My Wish List…

  1. ashley ann says:

    Ok, several things….I want to see the scrapbook pages that you do digital and then I need you to show me how! Second you need to join our bookclub! Just go to my page and then click on the mother daughter bookclub! Then I can add you to the list…Third, It is NOT violet, she is the one that turns violet and that chews the gum…the spoiled brat that you are thinking about it Veruca Salt. hee hee! Love you


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