So… lately I’ve been digging the whole ‘natural’ frozen yogurt thing. Allie introduced me to Red Mango and I loved it! Well… Friday night, after dinner and strolling the mall, Diz and I decided to try Spoon Me… I’m pretty sure that it’s gotta be relatively close to Red Mango, so I glance at the menu and place my order with the girl (natural yogurt with fruity pebbles, pineapple and strawberries) and Diz continued to look at the menu… Well, then, some other worker girl comes out, gives him googly eyes and asks him if he’s going to order anything. UMM, No… He’s just memorizing the menu for the next time he comes in, DUH, of course he’s going to order! So he orders his, and the girl gives me my yogurt, and then has the audacity to ask if we’re paying together?!



How stupid can you be? I’m married to the man, of course we’re paying TOGETHER! Do our wedding rings not just automatically imply that?

So, I laughed (out loud) and (kind of rudely) say, “uh, YEAH.”

So to the 2 worker girls at Spoon Me on Friday night… do NOT mess with me or my hubby. LOL.

He’s MINE! 😉


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