my mommy

So tomorrow is Mother’s Day and I knew I needed to post something about my amazing mother. I consider myself pretty lucky because we have such a great relationship. I can be completely honest and say that she is my best friend. As I’ve gotten older, we’ve only grown closer, and even more so now that I’m married. I’m constantly asking for advice and guidance and she’s always willing to listen to me and will tell me what I need to hear (even if I don’t want to hear it! lol) Most of you know that I work with my Mom at the same clinic and 99.9% of the time it’s incredible (I mean, we all have bad days, right?!). I love that I can chat with her from 7-5 every day, go to lunch, cry on each other’s shoulders and all that. I would guess that most people hate to hear “you’re just like your mother…” but I love it when someone says that to me. All the girls at work say we walk the same, or have the same look, same mannerisms… Lord knows I’m a clean freak like her… gotta have vacuum lines in the carpet and the bed made every morning. I’m also obsessed with running like my mom, and I love going to the gym and running on the treadmill next to her, running outside is a different story, because she kicks my trash and has to loop back for me (I’m the tortoise, lol)! I know tomorrow will be very hard for my mom (and all my aunts and uncles and, well… all of us) because this is the first mother’s day without my Grandma Marge. She, too, was amazing, and I miss her very much! and I know my Mom misses her very much. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose your mother. I can’t imagine not having my mom here with me. I suppose it’s something you never really get used too.
alright, before I get too teary-eyed… All I want to say is…

my mommy and I

(give me a break… it’s a picture of picture, lol!)

me and my grandma marge!


3 thoughts on “my mommy

  1. Cher says:

    You do have an AWESOME mom! I love her. I was thinking of her today as its my first without my mom as well. (my mom and I had the same relationship as you guys…She was my very best girlfriend!) Give her a big hug from me OK! P.S. I hope that you don’t mind that I peek at you blog sometimes!


  2. Trent, Lori, Brinley and baby says:

    First of all….how on EARTH did I NOT know you had a blog? I just happened to come across it on Morty’s blog…it’s SO darling!Second of all…what a sweet post about your mom and Grandma! I love them both and have been thinking of them today. If you ever want to check out my blog let me know because it’s private at and I will definitely invite you!


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