new scrap pages

so here’s the newest additions to my digi-scrapbook. I spent a few hours over at Diz’s mom’s house today… he pulled weeds and his mom and I vegged (and scrapped) on the couch. Then we bbq’d these super yummy burgers. Diz got inspired from a man v. food episode, and some hamburger called ‘the juicy Lucy’. it’s basically two hamburger patties with lots of cheese in the middle, then you smash the edges together and grill it… sounds super fatty, right? yeah, it is! but SOOO good.
anyways, enjoy the scrap pages! more to come this weekend i hope!


One thought on “new scrap pages

  1. ashley ann says:

    Ash, you are getting so good at this! Where else are you getting your embellishments and fonts etc. I have been using Scrapbook deluxe but where else do I need to go??? HELP!!???


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