fun times

So I know I haven’t updated in a while… so here’s a sweet and short update with lots of pics!

I’ll start with the most recent… 😉

Deer Creek
this was today, the weather was amazing. We got there bright and early and couldn’t have asked for better water, we were able to wakeboard a few times each. Stef and the boys joined us, and had a blast. They went from not even wanting to get in to the water to tubing at full speed! Xavy even knee-boarded… but didn’t dig it as much as tubing. 😉

Diz and Me 🙂

Dizzle catching air!

Josh helping Stef get ready to wakeboard!

Diz and Xavy tubing! (full speed! crazy kid!)

Diz and Aidan tubing… still can’t believe he did this?! He didn’t even want to get in the boat at first! LOL

Fourth of July

Tradition has always been that we have a potluck/bbq at my Grandparents house and we watch the Stadium of Fire fireworks. This year was no different. Stef and the kids even came down! so fun to see the kids get SOOO excited about the fireworks.

Mom and Me

Me and Dizzle

Me and Aidan – how cute is the chocolate face??? 🙂

Jenica’s (aka Chica, Chiac, Janice) Baby Shower

(june 30th)

I put together a super fun slideshow of all the girl’s baby pic’s and we had to guess who was who… There was a total of 22 pics and the best score was 15. LOL. The girls all had a blast and I had fun putting it together! Of course I had to put mine and my mommy’s pic on here (we were the 2 cutest baby’s on the slideshow)!

Mom and Me (while Jen was opening gifts)

Momma on her 1st birthday

Me… I think 9months-ish???

Tessa’s FIRST ballet recital

(june 26th)

Our niece is the biggest girly girl ever! It’s so fitting that she is taking ballet dance classes. We went to her first recital and of course, took LOTS of pics… She was so excited to show us her dance moves. How cute is she????


This totally should have been a post all on it’s own… but time got away from me, and we really didn’t do a whole lot to celebrate (heehee) We pretty much ate out all weekend, saw UP! (and I bawled my eyes out) and chilled. My sweet hubby knows how to get brownie points and sent a fruit bouquet to my office! It was super cute and he even had them put a pineapple “1” in the center. so cute. 😉

Colbie Weight

(my parent’s other surrogate grandchild, besides Brinley (colbie’s big sister)) was born May 26th. Lori and Trent were sweet enough to allow me and Diz and my Mom to come visit that night. Colbie is an absolute doll and looks just like Brinley. This little visit certainly didn’t help Dizzle’s baby hunger. LOL. He kept whispering “I want one…” 🙂 Someday, babe, someday.


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