rough week

It’s been a rough week in the Urie house…

My Uncle Jim sadly lost his battle with Renal Cell Cancer last week (after 19 months and many, many, nasty treatments) and we were out in Wyoming on tues and wed to see family and be there for the services. It’s always nice to see our family, but it was a sad event that brought us all together. To add some salt to the wound, my cousin’s poor wife, Sally, was really sick our first day there, but she basically quarantined herself off. Apparently, it didn’t help… The next day all 3 of my cousins were sick, plus my cousin’s BF. ugh. We felt so bad that they were all so sick for their Dad’s funeral. Our fam took off a few hours after the service and by the time we got to Orem, we were all starving. We we’re talking about Mexican and stopped at Maria Bonitas. mmm… their fajitas are THE bomb. BUT… then my Mom got sick, like, holy crow-barfing your guts out sick, at the restaurant. Then my Dad started getting sick. So my parents are home, sick, together. Well, my poor momma is really not doing well. She scared the crap out of my Dad, because she ended up passing out a few times from being so dehydrated! I went to the house, played nurse for awhile and threatened my mom that if she passed out again she was going to the hospital… fast forward a few hours… and my mom is getting a ride in the ambulance to the hospital… 😦 She ended up getting 2 liters of fluid and pumped full of Zofran. Meanwhile… Diz and my bro are both sick as well. UGH. Our family got ROCKED by some 24 hr vicious bug. (*NOTE – it was NOT the swine flu* none of us had fevers!) I was paranoid all day that I was gonna get sick… kinda kept waiting for it to hit. But I seemed to be ok. Well, a gal from work had H1N1 flu shot vouchers and a few girls from and I jumped all over them… Yeah, I know… looking back I was kinda foolish to do it when 4 of my family members were literally sicker than shit… but I really needed the vaccine! Well, I get home… start CLOROXing everything, ripping the sheets off the bed, towels in the hamper, getting rid of every possible germ contaminated thing. LOL… then, it was like a Mack truck ran my ass over. UGH. I’m still not sure if it was the bug from the fam or just reaction to the vaccine, but I felt pretty nasty. Nauseated, chills, nasty headache-ugh. just not good. But woke up the next morning, feeling pretty much ok… and went to work. Luckily it was a short lived MackTruckRunMeOver virus πŸ˜‰ Anyways… moral of this rant… we are very lucky that it was a short lived virus, and even though it was scary that my mommy was in the hospital for a few hours- we are all ALIVE and well and healthy once again. Amen. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “rough week

  1. Cher says:

    SO glad that you are all doing better. We pretty much dont go anywhere ’cause I am scared of getting something. Hope this week is a better one for you and your family!


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