So I guess I am the worst blogger, EVER. Haven’t updated in forever. So I decided that I’ll finally update this!

Santa was really, super-duper, extra nice to us this year. Well, really, our parents we’re very nice to us. My parents bought us our cruise excursions (Swim with Dolphins & Stingray City), Diz’s Mom bought us a new vacuum (woot!) and Diz’s Dad gave us money! Christmas Eve was busy! busy! busy! I went to Christmas Eve Mass with my Momma and Posh, then headed over to Diz’s Mom’s house for the fish fry. I was in charge of gingerbread houses with Tessa & Chase, since they get a little restless with all the food prep going on. They had a blast. I think we’re going to make it a yearly tradition! We went to my Mom’s house to sleep and opened presents with them. Then we headed to Diz’s aunt & uncle’s (on Diz’s Dad’s side) for Christmas Brunch. Then to my aunt and uncle’s for dinner. Then to Diz’s aunt and uncle (Mom’s side) for another get together… OMG… all we did was eat all day. We were definitely exhausted by the end of the day. We are lucky that all of our family is so close to each other, so we don’t have to choose one or the other (or the other). We get all 3! 🙂

Diz and Me in front of our tree

Christmas morning at my Mom & Dad’s (*eek* no makeup!)


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