Will you be my Valentine??

So this year for Valentines Diz and I wanted to spend the night in and just have a romantic dinner at home.

Oh man… Little did we know… Things would not go as planned.

First of all… This is what I woke up to on Valentine’s morning. He snuck them in after I had gone to bed the night before! What a sweetie! 🙂

Any who… back to our “romantic” dinner at home… We had plans to grill some steaks and pineapple, make sweet potato fries and asparagus with Parmesan cheese.

I ended up clogging the garbage disposal with sweet potato peels… like, really freakin’ clogged, spitting water up and little bits of sweet potato on the wall behind the sink. After trying to unclog it for a good 20 mins (my poor hubs was not happy with me… love you baby!) I told Diz “screw it… let’s leave it alone and enjoy the rest of the night”. So in the meantime, I had put both the sweet potato fries and asparagus in the oven. Well I went to check on them and opened the oven door and got a face full of crazy hot steam! AHHH! My lashes got stuck together with my mascara… I thought they were burned off! I was wigging out!

After I had determined I still actually had lashes I was definitely ready for some wine… and then it took us forever to get the damn bottle open! lol. Finally, the cork popped and we were able to taste the wine. It was actually pretty good. This was the first time me and Diz had ever had wine with dinner! We got a bottle of Moscato and a bottle of Chenin Blanc. Both were yummy! 🙂

Diz got the steaks cooked and I hurried and grilled the pineapple and finally we were able to eat! Once we were able to sit down and eat it was actually a really good meal!

But I think next year we will just make reservations and go out to eat!


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