Moab 1/2 results

Just to let you all know I ran my 6th half marathon this Sat in Moab, UT.

For those of you who don’t know, it was my first half 2 years ago and I came in at 2hrs 23 mins…

My PR until sat was 2hr 11mins… (at the Hobble Creek 1/2, 2008)

well, ladies and gentlemen… I KILLED IT on Sat…Came in at 1 hr 58 mins!

Never in a million years, did I EVER think I’d run a sub 2hr 1/2 marathon. Not even sure how I did it to be quite honest. but I was a huge emotional mess at the finish line. 🙂

Happy Monday!

3 thoughts on “Moab 1/2 results

  1. Boiling It Down says:

    Wow – way to go!!! I have been wanting to train for a half marathon, but I’m just a little bit nervous about the whole thing. How long did it take you to train for your first one? Did you experience any knee or joint problems? Thanks for giving me an inspirational kick in the butt to get myself moving! 🙂


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