dizzle turns 30!

So Dizzle turned 30 yesterday… and I’m pretty sure he’s not happy about it. πŸ˜‰

Last night we went to dinner at Tucano’s (YUM!) with his family and then came back to our place for ice cream cake and presents. For a 30yr old… he’s still pretty spoiled. The guy got lots of cash from his Mom, gift cards from bro/sis-in-law and gift cards from his dad.

I asked him what he wanted to do for his birthday a few months ago, thinking… big party? weekend away? nothing??? just a quiet night with us 2?

nope… he wants a party at the bowling alley πŸ™‚

SO, the bowling alley it is. Saturday night we will be having dinner at Costa Vida with some of our friends and family, then bowling, then partying it up at Atcha’s… don’t worry. I’ll be sure to document the night with lots of pictures!

In honor of Diz’s 30th Bday, I thought I’d post 30 things I love about him…

    1. his big heart and ability to love
    2. he can build some seriously cool shiz…
    3. he’s my best friend
    4. he lets me bitch about work, life, friends, whatever… without judging me
    5. his “scrinkles”
    6. that he wants to be a daddy, ASAP.
    7. that he wants twin girls, and then a boy
    8. that kids are automatically drawn to him, and love him. *Notice, I said kids, not babies* lol
    9. that he lets me tease him about being a lil’ bit metro
    10. he lets me hit the snooze button a million times in the morn…
    11. …while he nudges me closer to edge of the bed, very subtle πŸ˜‰
    12. he lets me be ME… and loves me for ME!
    13. after our first kiss, he said “well that was awkward” omg… we were dying last night, laughing our butts off about that one…
    14. he shares the cooking responsibility with me, or takes me out to dinner when I don’t want to cook
    15. he’s super supportive with my running and weight loss goals
    16. he wants to go back to school…
    17. …to be a firefighter/emt *swoon*
    18. he’ll look super hawt in turn-outs *super-swoon*
    19. he’s always hot, like, literally, hot. he’s my personal space heater.
    20. he let’s me stick my cold toes under his legs to get warm when we’re on the couch or in bed.
    21. he puts up with my vampire obsession… i.e. twilight series/movies, the vampire diaries, sookie stackhouse books

    22. he tells me that wants little blond, blue eyed kids… aww…

    23. he does laundry!

    24. and vacuums!

    25. he kisses me goodbye every morning before leaving for work
    26. that he looks tough (and he is!)

    27. BUT deep down, he’s a big ol’ teddy bear!
    28. “what the hell is strawberry ren-dez-a-vus?!”
    29. his super-duper dance moves that only come out when he has a lil’ liquid courage in him.
    30. and last, but certainly, not least… out of all the potential girls on myspace… he picked me! πŸ˜‰ and I’m the luckiest girl ever!


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