Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone…

We have a fun day planned… We have brunch with Diz’s Dad’s family up in SLC then dinner tonight with my Mom and Dad.

Here are our Easter Baskets!

The Easter Bunny brought Diz LOTS of protein bars and some new protein shake bottles and his fav Reese’s Eggs…

The Easter Bunny brought me pink bunny peeps (as I requested!) and some new smelly lotion from Victoria’s (also as requested… that bunny sure knows how to listen…lol). He also brought me some WW candy and some naughty Coconut M&Ms and a Starbucks Vanilla Frappaccino…

and…. a DIET DR. PEPPER! *squeals*

I’m almost afraid to drink soda again… lol… it probably wont taste as good as I remember

Last weekend we dyed Easter Eggs! Well… I dyed Easter Eggs while Diz worked on our taxes (blech!)… But I did make him pose for a few pics! 😉


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