As I mentioned in the last post, it’s our 2nd anniversary tomorrow… we’ve been basically just chilling, hanging out and eating (a ton!) this weekend.

He bought me these… and got ‘coral’ colored ones, cuz he knows that’s my fav color

how cute is he?
Now, what I really, really, really want is…

the Canon Rebel T1i…

I’ve been slightly obsessed with photography for awhile now and we (meaning, I) are seriously considering purchasing a DSLR camera(specifically that one). Costco has a pretty good deal on it, comes w/2 lens, the bag, a special cable and a memory card. Michelle, from work, has the exact same camera and let me take hers home for a night and I had a blast playing around with it. Everyone I’ve talked to that has a DSLR camera loves theirs and has told me it’s a great investment. I want to take a photography class and learn all about aperture, ISO, f-stops, editing… everything! I’m not planning on becoming the next big thing in photography, but it would be fun as hell to try, right? Hell… one day I could maybe make some money doing it! πŸ˜‰

anyways… here’s a short update:

We’ve both been pretty busy lately. Diz is almost done with his EMT class and will be starting the Fire Academy in August. He’s been gone every Mon, Tues, Wed, for the last few months… It’s weird. I usually just go to the gym after work, watch gLee w/Ash friend and basically pass the time til Diz gets home. I’m looking forward to getting him back for the few weeks in between EMT and UFRA. Speaking of EMT, I need to re certify for my EMT and I’m dreading it… I just don’t want to, nor do I have the time to, study. And I (still) want to become a COA (aka “ophthalmology tech”). Another girl that I work with just passed and so I know it’s do-able… I just gotta DO IT. I told myself I just had to get done with my EMT stuff first. We finally grouted our countertops in the kitchen, since big bird apparently forgot about that! I want to get done with hanging everything in the house… we still have a bunch of pictures just sitting on the floor in our bedrooms. I’d like to turn our 2nd bedroom into an office and get it decorated all cute and darling… πŸ™‚ one of these days I’ll get around to it!


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