Nestle 5k

June 5th was the start of Art City Days in Springville, and it is a tradition to run the Nestle 5k. My mom and I love it because it’s super cheap to sign up (only $8!!) and they give out way cool prizes. A few girls from our office even ran it with us! Michelle, Britt D, her friend Sarah, and Kellie. All the girls did great! Britt D’s hubby was there taking pics of her and her friend, so thanks Britt… I stole this pic off of your facebook page!


this year I talked a ton of trash to all the Fire/EMS guys and told them all I’d kick their trash… and I knew I had to kick it into high gear and really push myself to run as fast as I could. Well starting off, one of the guys, Jed, flew past me… and I knew it would be silly to try to catch up and stay with him… so I let him go. LOL. Well going up the hill (holy hell… it was brutal), I see the navy blue t-shirt out of the corner of my eye, it’s another Fire guy, Brady, so I dig deep and sprint up the hill cuz I’m not letting another one pass me… right?! Well… fast forward to the high school… and I again see navy blue out of the corner of my eye… here come Brady and Calvin… and they are right on my tail! SHIz… they passed me… and I promise, I swear I tried to keep up, ended up only being about 15 seconds behind them. But the best thing about this race… well, actually there are 3 things! 1- My mom took 1st place in her age group. 2- I won a $25 giftcard to Mimi’s Cafe… and 3- I took 4th place in my age group, with my time of 24:30. This is the first time I’ve EVER placed in a race! Woot… go me!


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