another great training run…

so most of you know I’m training for a marathon…
Top of Utah Marathon, to be exact… it’s on Sept 18th

yesterday was my first 20 mile training run (i have another in 2 weeks)
Since my momma was at the Grand in Illinois doing her trap-shootin’, shot gunnin’ thang, it was just me & Niccole. (I work with her Dad at my office) my super sweet hubby drove us to the top of Hobble Creek Canyon (THANK YOU so much babe! it was such a treat not having to drive back up to retrieve the car!) and we ran down and looped into Mapleton and ran back to our house. and seriously… the run couldn’t have gone better. Niccole is a freakin’ SPEED demon. the girl can cruise! I continually pushed myself to keep up with her the whole dang 20 miles! Her goal was to finish it in under 3 hours… I was semi-skeptical of that… but WE DID IT!

20 miles in 2 hours 57 minutes… which equates to 8:50 min avg miles…


2300 calories burned…
next weekend (aug. 21st) is the Hobble Creek 1/2 marathon… I have 2 goals

1. Meet or beat my PR (1:58)
2. Beat Sundance aka Dizzle. (last time we ran a 1/2 together he kicked my trash! lol)

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