boise w/my girls

went to boise last weekend to spend some time with the girls, kimmie, brooke and syd, and ricky-baby, too.

I had such a blast hanging out the girls! we made cute fabric flowers to make hair clips and headbands out of. we went to roaring springs (a local water park-like SevenPeaks), watched as syd drooled over boys, i got asked if i was a lifeguard (hmmm, no, but I can save your life if needed…) and got some color. and of course, Kimmie and I beaded, i brought back a TON of watchbands! I thought the airline was gonna make me pay extra for my heavy luggage! lol!
I wish I had taken more pics!! Here are just a few from the trip…Syd was being a complete goof and wouldn’t pose in the pic w/us…

so me & brookie took one by ourselves! 😉
(kimmie swears we’re two peas in a pod!)

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