our "garden"

this year we decided that we would attempt a garden. we weren’t sure if we should just plant directly in the ground or just plant in big pots. when we went out and started buying all the plants our landlord had just started landscaping the front yard, so we decided we’d do the pots just in case he landscaped the backyard (which… fyi… he hasn’t). so, we planted 3 tomato plants, 2 zucchini, 2 spaghetti squash, 2 yellow squash, and 4 anaheim chili peppers.

so how’s our garden growing?? well for the tomatoes we planted 2 cherry (one red, one yellow) and one ‘early girl’… and they are not doing well… at all… we got a handful (like 6 or 7) of the yellow cherry tomatoes a few weeks after planting, but since then, nothing has happened. they haven’t grown at all. So we’ve been sharing my parent’s tomatoes and my grandpa’s. My grandpa has the sweetest garden! I should take pics! Our zucchini plant is flowering but so far, NO actual zucchini are showing. The yellow squash is also flowering and we do have one small squash growing… it’s right against the side of the pot so I have a feeling its growth will be a little stunted. lol. our s’ghetti squash is growing, spreading out and flowering a little, it’s got these cute little curly-q tendrils going everywhere so i hope they’ll start producing… and last, but not least, our anaheim peppers… I thought these guys we’re never going to grow, but in the last week or so, they’ve up and sprouted like mad! So far i’ve spotted 3 peppers growing!
our one lone yellow squash…
one tiny yellow cherry tomato… just saw this today and had to snap a pic
zucchini plant flowers


our sad, sad, sad tomato plants… what are we doing wrong?
s’ghetti squash curly-q tendrils… that makes me smile 🙂

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