training run

Had another 20 miler yesterday…
went pretty well, i probably could have carb-loaded a little better.
i think i ate too much fruit on friday *yuck*
this time it was me, my momma and niccole. it was super dark up the canyon at 5:30am, had to bust out my headlight so we could see where we were going. it’s funny how you run faster when it’s dark because you’re a little more on edge. it’s that whole fear of being watched by critters (or people) in the woods! lol
20.3 miles in 3 hours 6 minutes, which equals 9:09 avg pace…
not bad considering after 16 miles i felt like my legs were full of lead. and mile 19 pretty much sucked ass every step… i was so happy to see my house.
and today… i feel like i got into a fight… and lost…
my legs, back, shoulders… everything from head to toe hurts…
even thoughΒ i hurt i’m still looking forward to the marathon.
only 3 more weeks!!!

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