marathon randomness

my brain has been a jumbled mess this week
chalk it up to nerves for the marathon
which as i mentioned in the last post is 36 hours away… 36 hours…
Top of Utah marathon starts at the top of Blacksmith Fork Canyon in Logan, UT. you drop about 1000 ft overall. it has a 1-2% grade downhill for the first 18 miles… small (lord, i hope small!) hills at 18 and 22…
Kimmie(my aunt) and Brookie(my cousin) are driving from Boise and meeting us there tomorrow night. Brookie’s gonna run the last mile or so in with us. I get teary-eyed just thinking about seeing them at mile marker 25… they are so excited to come cheer us on. 🙂
and Britt D is coming too! she’s gonna jump in around mile 20 and help me and my momma stay motivated through the end. I told her she can’t hold anything i say against me… she goes “what happens at the marathon, stays at the marathon” and laughs… that, my dear, is EXACTLY what I mean. 😉
my wtf moment this week… i was running a 4 miler on Tuesday morning, passed by a group of walkers said my hello/good morning and happened to look down at my feet and i had 2 different shoes on! OMG! I got super paranoid that i was gonna mess my feet up!
So far this week, i’ve only run 9 miles… and i’m pretty sure i’m going through withdrawals (or at least my brain is)… the last 2 mornings, when I’m getting ready for work putting on my shoes, I mean to put on an older pair of running shoes (one of which I accidentally wore on Tuesday morning) and I look down and i’ve put on my running shoes… it’s like my subconscious self is going “HELLO?! you NEED to run… NEED to RUN!”
i’ve been trying to do the whole “positive self talk” thing this week…
I WILL stay with my mom during this run.
I WILL finish with her (and brookie and britt).
WE WILL do our best to come in at our goal time.
that is all…

3 thoughts on “marathon randomness

  1. Pam says:

    Ashley I am so proud of you and how hard you have trained for this marathon. You have done so well this year with improving your time and can’t wait to see the results on Saturday!! Yes YOU WILL stay with me and yes WE WILL come in at our goal time!!! WE ARE GOING TO ROCK THIS MARATHON!! I love you!!Mom


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