life… updates!

hmm… so my friend Kristy pointed out that I hadn’t posted in awhile… I told her that I keep thinking of all these things to write about but then when it comes down to it, I just don’t take the time to do it.

So here’s a quick update:

I have tendonitis in my achilles tendon. WTF. I suppose after 3 years of running ALL the time, I was bound to get injured at some point. I’ve been having some weird achiness in the back of my ankle for a few weeks, and I thought “no big deal, it’ll go away on it’s own, like my other aches and pains eventually do”. HA! not the case this time. I finally sucked it up a week ago and went and saw Dr. Brent Rich (he’s a sports med doc-and he rocks!). I was terrified he was going to tell me I couldn’t run… but, since he knows I’m “one of those” runners, he said I had to take it easy, meaning low (low!) mileage, no hills (up or down), lots (LOTS) of stretching, ice after workouts, steroids (ugh! took my last pill today. awful lil buggers), heel inserts and a calf sleeve when I work out… So I’ve barely run this week, but instead been going the gym bright and early for spin classes and some light (1-2 miles) treadmill running. I keep telling myself that it’s ok if I’m not running 6 miles a day, I need to get better so I can run Ogden Marathon in 6 months. But it’s still taking a toll, I feel like a slug and even though spin class is a fantastic workout (and I sweat buckets!) it’s not the same as a good run…

speaking of spin class- I’ve done one class each morning these last 3 days… my bum is SO sore (in addition to all my other muscles!) but holy cow… If I keep doing spin classes I’ll need to get a padded bike seat or those goofy bike shorts with the padding sewn in. Don’t understand why *my built-in* cushion (seriously… my bum is not lacking in cushion, at all) doesn’t save me…


also… even though Halloween was 2 weeks ago and Thanksgiving is 2 weeks away, I’m SUPER excited for Christmas. Been listening to Christmas tunes since before Halloween and been shopping for more tree decorations (also, before Halloween). I’m seriously tempted to take down my Thanksgiving decor and just put up Christmas.
my purchases so far… (no worries, day after thanksgiving, i’ll be at TaiPan and RodWorks to buy more!)
but first… check out my cute Thanksgiving wreath I made! Running with ScissorsĀ (one of my new fav blogs to stalk for cute homemade crafty shiz) posted about her Christmas one she made… and so I modified it for fall. šŸ™‚
super easy! and cheap, gotta love Hobby Lobby!
and my last update…
Had a girls night last night with some of my UVEC work girls (past and present) and it was a blast, and I don’t know why I didn’t take any pictures! The volume level in my apartment was L-O-U-D! Hopefully I didn’t piss off the landlord! Lots of laughing and giggling and sharing stories about work, hubbies, babies and life. Definitely need to have more of them. The last one was almost 2 years ago!

2 thoughts on “life… updates!

  1. Jessica says:

    your wreath looks awesome! I really should give THanksgiving a chance, I just pass it completely. But it’s always nice to know someone else listens to Christmas music right after Halloween…and I’m jealous of Tai Pan.


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