how I know dizzle loves me…

here’s how I know…

he bought me a Road ID for Christmas… It was totally my idea, and I told him exactly what I wanted on it. But the fact is, he got it for me. This way when I’m out running and somehow get into trouble (aka go unconscious) the emergency responders will know who I am and know how to contact Diz. I told my Dad about it and we ordered one for my Mom for Christmas too. We both have the ‘Shoe ID‘ in red. I highly advise any athlete, runner, walker, man, woman, teen… anyone to order one. It is such a fantastic idea. If you are ever injured and unable to answer for yourself, this gives the emergency peeps the ability to help you & contact your family immediately. And if you do want to order one, Road ID sent me a coupon code good for $1 off your order. (better than nothing!) The coupon code is: ThanksAshley895747
who’s Dustin?? that’s Dizzle’s legal first name. I never call him that… ever. but Sundance wouldn’t fit, and I didn’t think Dizzle would be appropriate. lol


and today… while at Costco when we first walked in, all the vitamins and supplements were on display. I had recently run out of my Vitamin C chewies and wanted more. I spotted the adult gummy vitamins and had to get them. and then Dizzle spots the chocolate Calcium chewies and tells me I should probably take those too. *swoon* he cares about my bones, peeps! 🙂 We then made our way over the rest of the health and beauty section and found some Vitamin C chewies… I almost bought gummy ones, but the Kirkland brand was cheaper and i got twice as many. fyi: chocolate calcium chews are delicious… as are the gummy vitamins. seriously yummy. hopefully i’ll be better about taking my vitamins now.
then on the way home, after spending way too much money at Costco… We stopped at Juice n Java and got lattes… seriously… Starbucks needs to pay attention to Juice n Java. They have like 60 flavors of syrups and half of those are sugar free. Starbucks has a whopping selection of 2: vanilla or hazelnut. anywho… it was delicious and a perfect afternoon pick me up. 🙂
it’s the little things… like lattes and calcium chews… that’s how I know Diz loves me. 😉
and on a side note… Costco on a saturday is a MADHOUSE… everyone and their Mom and 17 kids are there. all of them crowd around the sample foods like ravenous birds… go on Sundays… no one is there…

4 thoughts on “how I know dizzle loves me…

  1. kels&murr says:

    ha ha i completely agree about costco… its a flippin joke on sat. i swear people take the family out to “lunch” at costco. anywho… i have been trying to be a better vitamin girl too. i love the simple things that our hubbies do that make us all happy inside!


  2. j.columbo says:

    Hi Ashley 🙂 My name is Jess, and I work for Northwest Natural Products–we make those yummy gummy vitamins you spotted at Costco.Ran across your blog & just wanted to say thanks for the love. And if you’re ever interested in trying our other gummies–we just may have some chocolate calciums coming out soon 😉 let me know, and I’d be happy to help.Gummy Girl


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