Went to dinner last night with dean and jess and their kids, addy and peyton. Seriously addy is the cutest baby ever, love her squishy cheeks. And I think peyton is finally warming up to me, he used to be so quiet around us and last night he was talking to us. 🙂

Diz wanted to try Milagros, a new mexican restaurant in orem by winco. It was actually really good. Diz got a chimichanga and I got the milagros mata hambre which is their version of fajitas. So so good. They had this sweet onion ball thing that was divine! Lots of grilled veggies, not just typical peppers, they had carrots and zucchini too. I can’t say I loved their chips and salsa (not that I didn’t eat my fair share) because nothing compares to banditos chips and salsa. But milagros did have this green salsa that was actually really sweet but still spicy. So good. Would be great for a salad dressing.

Mmmm, I’m making myself hungry… time for the gym!

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