the gym beat me up…

I was kind of a naughty girl this morning and didn’t wake up as early as I wanted too…
but for the first time in probably 3 weeks… I went for a run outside!
(I know… the air is horrid, I didn’t feel like running on my treadmill)
anywho- ran 4 miles in 37:54-not bad for my first outside run in awhile.
last night, diz and josh (my bro) decided we were gonna do Ronna’s spin class at Univ. gold’s gym.
(she’s freaking amazingly crazy… and I love her classes!)
Got to the gym with a few minutes to spare, sprinted a mile in 7:46
Spin class was intense… so intense that I got beat up by the bike… we were sprinting and all of sudden I found myself with one foot in the pedal and the other on the ground while the empty pedal swung against my shin for a few rotations… *facepalm*  hurt like a motha! I don’t even know how it happened! I was just glad it was towards the end of the class…
I hobble off the bike and Diz decides he wants to run one more mile before we leave… Umm… since when did my husband become a runner? especially AFTER spin? lol
last mile in 8:39
so DONE!

4 thoughts on “the gym beat me up…

  1. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    OH MY GOSH!!! I am so sorry… that sounds PAINFUL!!! Um, can we PLEASE go to ronna’s class together? She really is so crazy! YAY for hubby running. AWESOME RUNS yourself missy and yay for running outside! YOU ARE AMAZING! have a great weekend!


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