Marathon Training

well, my first week of marathon training is officially done… my mom and I are following hal higdon’s intermediate marathon training schedule.
started tracking my runs on Daily Mile and I logged 43 miles this week.
eek. may have gone a lil overboard :/
for some CRAZY reason, I’ve been thinking about trying to qualify for Boston. I’d need to run Ogden in 3:40.
that’s an avg 8:23 mile
I for sure want to come in under 4:00, which is only 3 minutes off my TOU time, so I figure if I’m gonna try to improve, why not push a little harder. I’ve been doing some speed work at the gym and I can definitely feel it. lol. my legs and back have been a *lil* sore.
This morning I ran outside again… oh man… little too cold. my lungs are little wheezy now. 6.1 miles in 57:14. Unfortunately, my pace was ALL over the place. i seem to have forgotten that in the *real* world there are hills and wind (bitter cold wind). at one point my pace was 10:53 and at another point it was 8:00. (really liked seeing the 8:00 pace!)
anywho- I can tell that my speed work is paying off. and oddly enough, I’m totally looking forward to my race. only 17 more weeks til Ogden Marathon!!!
oooh… and less than 2 weeks til our cruise. is it bad that i want to start packing now?

2 thoughts on “Marathon Training

  1. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    2 weeks till your cruise…LUCKY!!! You better take lots of pics! Awesome job on your training…43 miles that is so so great! K I wish I could go to Rona’s class with you tonight but I have girls bringing dinner over tonight. Let me know when you are going to go again and I need to try the cherry creamies!


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