anxiety averted!

So work was crazy today, but honestly, when is it not?
I made it in time for the spin class, only to be disappointed that there were no bikes! I was annoyed. But, lucky lil me, a super nice guy asked if I wanted his bike. “Umm, yes, but I don’t want to take your bike!” He told me that he had already biked for an hour, and was only staying because Ronna (crazy lady instructor) told him he had too. LOL. So… I got my bike.
and… I suffered. I swear, you’d think I’d never run a mile in my life. Ronna made every muscle from the top of my bum to the tips of my toes B-U-R-N. I was sweating my guts out. but… I loved every minute of it.
I walked out of the spin class, found Diz and stupidly said, “I still want to run.” Oh man… My legs were toast… I was planning on running 3, but only made it to 2.75… my stomach was having some issues, and I finally just had to say “DONE!”. lol.
I gave Diz the option of going home and cooking for me or taking me to Jason’s Deli. SHOCKER- He chose Jason’s Deli, which I was happy with! Hello?! Major salad bar. Totally ate 2 big salads and a bunch of apple slices and had a small vanilla ice cream cone. 🙂
I feel SO much better now that I’ve worked out (and properly fed…) I can not even begin to explain how my running affects my mood. It really does start my day off right. I’m more energetic, happy, and dare I say, ‘at peace’… cheesy and cliche I know. But it’s the truth.
P.S. 4 more days til the cruise! almost completely packed!

3 thoughts on “anxiety averted!

  1. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    That was so nice that he gave you his bike!! Her class kicks my trash!! Good for you to run after, I know those tummy isssues…I hate those!! I LOVE JASON’S DELI…can I come with you next time? There salad bar is the best! You are taking a photography class? That is so so cool!! Teach me your ways. Have an awesome late night run gorgeous girl!


  2. Julia says:

    glad you got your workout in 🙂 that spin class sounds super intense…i think i need to try out this whole spin class experience. sounds like a great workout 🙂 way to go running after too!!! and YUM. Jason’s deli. I heart their salad bar. also…cant even believe how close your cruise is getting…super jealous…especially since it is FREEZING today.


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