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We are on our way to our ship as I type this. Had an uneventful travel day yesterday. Did have to wait an hour and a half in Dallas for the plane to be de-iced. But other than that it was pretty easy. Checked in to our hotel, hit up dave & busters for dinner (food was great, service sucked) then back to the room for sleep. Getting up at 3am was rough on us. LOL.

We woke up kinda early and were able to hit up Golds Gym just down the road. So we ran down to the gym then ran 5 miles on the treadmill. Then ran back to the hotel. It was so hot and humid in the gym. Ugh. It was tough. But I was happy we were able to run. 🙂 ran 5 in about 53 minutes. Not great but not bad.

Almost to our boat!! I’ll be basking in the warm caribbean sun while all my utah friends are in cold rainy snowy weather. Lol.

See ya in a week!!

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