highs & lows

so first things first. Happy Valentines Day! Came home to pretty white roses, heart-shaped sugar cookies, and a valentines balloon! 🙂 then Dizzle cooked dinner while I put away laundry (that he did today!).

and we had an amazing time on our cruise. Honestly could not have asked for better weather, excursions, food, desserts, etc. It was incredible.

However… we got some terrible news when we arrived back in SLC.

My cousin Brad passed away in a tragic accident on Saturday, February 12th. He was flying his parachute plan down in the Henry Mountains area when he was caught in a downwind gust and crashed into a ravine. He leaves behind his beautiful wife Tahsha and their adorable little girl Leah. We are all absolutely heart broken over this horrible tragedy. Brad was only 28 years old. Life can change in an instant. A tragedy like this makes me think that God really does have a plan for us all and that when it is our ‘time’, it is our time, regardless of what we are doing in our mortal life. I have a hard time believing that anything could be more important than Brad being a loving Daddy to Leah, and husband to Tahsha, but whatever it is that God needed Brad for, it must be an incredible job. Our family lost an AMAZING man and he will be greatly missed!

And to my family members who read this- Can you imagine Grandma Marge up in heaven introducing Brad to all of her friends and family? She’s having a ball showing him off to everyone, no doubt. 🙂
And to my friends (& fam) please remember to tell your husband, wife, kids, family and friends just how much you love them and care about them. You never know what life has in store for you and when your time will be up.
Love you all. Hope you enjoyed your Valentines Day. Please keep Tahsha and Leah and the Ford family in your thoughts and prayers.
*** Just as I hit ‘Publish Post’ on this entry, my Mom sent me a text. Tahsha got a dozen red roses delivered to the house from Brad today. How amazing is that?? “Love knows no boundaries, distance, nor time… Love travels the miles on angels’ wings” ***

and I will post about the cruise this week, i promise.


10 thoughts on “highs & lows

  1. Elle says:

    Ash, I’m so incredibly sorry for your family’s loss and know how painful it must be for you. Just know that even though he is not physically here, he is always in your hearts and memories.


  2. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    Ash, I am truly sorry about your families loss. That is the saddest thing I have ever heard. Amazing that she received flowers from him, what a great guy that he had it all ready and planned to give to her.I am so glad you had such an amazing cruise. Yay for Dizzle to do so much for V-day. ICE-CREAM DATE ASAP!!!c


  3. Julie says:

    Thank you for the Happy Birthday wish.Our family also lost a wonderful and special young man/father/husband in February and I am so sorry about your loss. I love how you said God must have needed him for a very important job. We can’t know the reasons right now, but it is amazing to think of our loved ones with Him.You have a beautiful blog 🙂


  4. Jen says:

    So sorry about your loss. Times like these are really hard to understand it all. That’s really cool that she got roses from him. And I love your words. Hope you are doing well.


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