Western Caribbean Cruise, Part 2

First Day at Sea

 After being woken up by room service with my coffee, thinking it was 2am, not 7am, I went to the fitness center and ran 5 miles. It’s a little different running on the ship, it’s like rolling hills, plus side to side swaying. Had to grab on to the sides of the treadmill to steady myself quite a few times, LOL. After breakfast at the buffet, we headed to the pool and sat out in the gorgeous sunshine all day. I read my book and Dizzle relaxed, napped, and swam a little. I didn’t take any pics until our formal dinner that night. (have I mentioned that I got a little obsessed taking pictures of all of our food… cuz I did.)
 me & dizzle
the girls: momma, ashley, & me
 dizzle’s fettuccine alfredo *so creamy and buttery and so so so good*
 yummy halibut… can you believe I ate fish?!
 mini desserts (some french name… which I’ve already forgotten) the little coconut thingees were SO good!
banana foster flambe’… caramel-ish, creamy, delicious, yumminess.
Cayman Islands
We took a Catamaran Sail to Stingray City. We were lucky and had gorgeous weather again. We figured out that my family was going to move to Cayman Islands and start our own tour company. Dad would be the captain, I’d be the photographer, Josh would be in charge of marketing/making money, Mom would be the ticket taker, Dizzle would be the bartender, and Ashley friend would stay on the ship with the other people who are terrified of sea creatures. 😉 Ashley friend HATES sea critters… when I ‘accidently’ let the boy stingray go and it swam up to her and slid across her back, she was not very happy with me and about drowned me. FYI: salt water really stings your eyes, and does not taste good. lol.
 had to leave dizzle and get some sun
 ash & ash
dizzle & me
 only day 2 and the color difference is already in my favor… lol
(ignore the chub rolls)
 the whole fam! we’re coming back to start our own company! lol
 ashley friend and her enemy, the stingray 😉
 joshie and the male stingray named tripod
(his tail got chopped to the length of his man bits-hence the name, tripod)
 Daddy with “tri-pod”
 ash, diz, me, josh with a pretty conch shell
 mmm… making out with a stingray… yummy!
 the whole fam
 momma, look at that smile! she loves the stingrays!
”tripod” spit on me! not a good first impression!
Dinner later that night, also the first night we moved to the Botticelli Dining Room. Great service. Our waiters were so much better! The food of course was DIVINE!
 momma & daddy
 ashley[squared] 😉
oh yeah, by the way, we ARE hardcore.
 yummy steak fajitas, fresh salsa and homemade tortillas
key lime pie, pretty tasty, but paled in comparison to…
 pineapple creme brulee. THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER TASTED! I could have easily eaten 10 more of these.

7 thoughts on “Western Caribbean Cruise, Part 2

  1. Julia says:

    love your pictures!! and the food looks delicious. so jealous of your trip 🙂 also…just got a chance to read the article on your cousin…thank you for sharing. It was seriously such a nice article! Sounds like he touched so many people even in his short time here.


  2. eatspinlive says:

    I loved this post! I never thought about how different it would be to run on a treadmill at sea! Lol. It looks like you are having a wonderful time girl! I am so jealous of the tan 🙂 hehe! Have fun!!


  3. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    AHHHH I have been so excited for these pictures! GIRL, you have a SMOKING BOD and I am so jealous. You girls are all so gorgeous. I want that halibut, pasta and fajita right now. Cruises are the best but you are so right….they are so hard to run on!!!


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