Western Caribbean Cruise, Part 3

Roatan, Honduras
Roatan is absolutely gorgeous. Everything is so lush and green. We did a glass bottom kayak and snorkel excursion. Took a bus ride (LONG, long, bus ride) to the beach and met our guide, Shannon. He was super nice! Went out on our kayaks, it was SO freakin’ cool. Didn’t see a ton of fish but got a GREAT workout… I’ve never kayaked before, my arms and shoulders were toast by the time we were done. Once we were done with the kayak we got out of the water, reapplied the sunscreen (remember, I’m married to Edward) and started the snorkel part of our excursion. Our guide, Shannon, was SO awesome. He was super nice and let us go as slow as we wanted. He showed us a ton of stuff. We saw a lion fish (super dangerous and really cool, black little tendril-ly fish), an eel, a sea cucumber, a spider crab, a king conch, a SEA URCHIN (which I held- SOOOOO cool!!!), lots of fish, a HUGE lobster, a starfish, 3 squid, and a bunch of little flounder fish (fyi: they are not blue and yellow like the little mermaid ‘flounder’, the ones we saw were tiny and camouflaged into the sand.)

And of course, dinner was fabulous. The desserts were even more fabulous. And I wonder why I gained weight on this cruise… :/

the whole gang- minus my mama-cita who is taking the pic

look how pretty it is!

 diz and me kayaking… took a while to get the hang of it. left, right, left, right, repeat.

momma and daddy

 momma snorkeling…

 me and the sea urchin! no it didn’t hurt, but it does kind of suck on to your hand… WEIRD!

 Joshie and the urchin!

sea cucumber and spider crab

 here fishy, fishy, fishy!

 the familia with our guide Shannon.

 daddy and me 🙂

me and diz on the bus road to the beach… it was a long bus ride! Ugh… started to get a little car-sick. I was so happy when we finally got there!

 stuffed zucchini… so good!

slow roasted beef… yummy!

 after dinner coffee… a MUST every night. 🙂

tiramisu, honestly… not my fave. Had one bite and I was done.

Cozumel, Mexico
We decided not to do an excursion in Cozumel and just go shopping. The port we were at had some great stores but we decided we’d go downtown as well. Now I love to shop… but it was a long day. It starts to wear ya down when every time you walk by a store you get called a bajillion times like “hey lady, come into my store!”, “senorita! We have what you need.” Sometimes you just want to look without the intense pressure to buy. LOL. And EVERYONE offers you tequila. NO GRACIAS! Lol. Me & tequila do not get along. Yuck. I did end up buying a small Coach purse, I was assured it was a real Coach purse! 😉 and for only 20 bucks. Can’t beat that! On the way back to our ship we had to stop at Fat Tuesdays. They have the yummiest frozen drinks. It all started back in Vegas a few years ago (it’s a long story, and I assure you, only MY family thinks it’s funny) and when we saw the Fat Tuesdays in Cozumel last year, we just had to stop. 😉 so now I feel like it’s a tradition. I got the Hurricane drink, but soon forgot what the heck it was called, and referred to it as the ‘red’ flavor. 😉

 ashley[squared] in the taxi going shopping!

 me and diz

 pretty flower 🙂

 my crazy cowboy

 Fat Tuesday and our ‘red’ drinks 😉

yummy (virgin) strawberry daiquiri 🙂
For some reason I didn’t take lots of pictures at dinner… I have only one and it’s a dessert that wasn’t that good… so I’m not posting it. LOL.
Still have one more Cruise post to come… one more At Sea day and then Princess Cays, Bahamas. Thanks for sticking around and looking at all the pictures! I swear I have been running, just not posting about it this week.


4 thoughts on “Western Caribbean Cruise, Part 3

  1. Julia says:

    yayyyy! i love all the pics of your cruise…especially the food. it all looks so delicious! looking forward to your last post about the trip 🙂 have a good day!


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