Western Caribbean Cruise, Part 4

2nd Day at Sea
After the gym, me and Diz met up with my Momma and Daddy to watch a cooking show with the Head Chef and the Maitre D’ Hotel. It was really cool to watch. He made a pesto linguine dish in like 4 seconds and I wanted to run up on stage and take the plate and scarf it down. It smelled divine. (we were sitting in the front row, so we could smell everything!) They made a few other things and the Maitre D’ Hotel was being a total goof ball and the show took kind of a longer time than it should have… but the cool part was that we got to take a tour of the kitchen. I have never seen a kitchen so CLEAN. I swear you could eat off the floor in that place. It was really neat to see where all the food magic happens. Along the tour they had a display of all these fruit carvings/masterpieces. Loved the monkey the best!
After that, we of course, hit up the buffet for lunch, then out to the deck for some more gloriously hot weather. Laszlo, the deck server, was our BFF and kept bringing us waters and diet cokes. He was awesome.
**stainless steel sparkle**
seriously… you could lick the counters! so clean!
my favorite food animal! how cool is that??
swans… so cool!
pirate ship! ARGH mateys!
fruity animal band 🙂
This was also the second formal night… where the infamous “snookie” dress made its’ appearance. 😉 We had joked with my family all week long about the dress and my Dad thought he’d have to cover me up with his suit jacket. Lol. To be honest, I was just glad the damn thing still fit! Lol. I was a little worried with all the delicious food that I was gonna have some issues getting it zipped. But it still fit. J Woot! Once we arrived to dinner, my Dad said, “oh well, it’s better than I thought it’d be.” LOL. Dinner that night was ‘surf & turf’. My mom ordered some weird seafood appetizer that had 2 different kinds of caviar… big red ones, and small yellow-orange ones. I dared Josh to try a spoonful for $20, and he quickly declined. We dared my mom to eat one of the big red ones… she did, oh man, the look on her face was awesome. Then she goes, “It wasn’t that bad.” So everyone dares me to try one… UGH. NASTY! Like a little ball of fish juice. Nasty, nasty! How do people eat this stuff? After I rinsed the fish fetus taste out of my mouth it was time for the real dinner. I ordered the Lobster and shrimp, took one small taste of lobster, and traded my lobster tail for diz’s shrimp. He ate 4 plates of lobster! Ugh. And the desserts, AS ALWAYS, were amazing.

caviar… before
caviar… after *GAG*
caramel yumminess
ice cream cookie cake… DELICIOUS
lobster with the biggest shrimp i’ve ever seen!

we’re thugs for life 😉
mom & posh
josh takin a sip of coffee… he didn’t like it. what a shock…
diz and me
(i have an obsession with the kissy/thug life face and throwin up the peace sign, i’m cool like that)


Princess Cays, Bahamas

Another beautiful day of relaxing! They have a few local shops, but I didn’t feel the need to buy anything. My mom bought some sea shells to put on display in the house, then it was time to hit up the beach chairs and relax. It was such a beautiful day, not a cloud in sight! Mom, Ash and me were content to sit and read. Diz napped off and on, and kept cover under a towel most of the time. Josh played volleyball and got so sandy… ick. I love the beach, but hate being sandy. isn’t that weird? Diz got up once and shook out his towel right over me and got me so sandy… I had just put on some tanning oil and I almost had a panic attack. The sand was sticking everywhere. Had to go to the water to rinse off! Lol.
I could live on this beach!
nothing better than sunshine, a good book, and sand in my toes…
Ashley friend
joshie playing volleyball— AHH he’s sandy… :/

Dinner that night was yummy. And it is a tradition on the Crown Princess for the last night to have a parade of all the kitchen staff during dinner. They also have a yummy dessert that they call Baked Alaska. Yummy crust with ice cream covered in meringue. So delicious. Finished every bite!
our waiters-ROCKED!
the famous ‘baked alaska’ DELICIOUS!
That my dear friends is it! Are you totally overloaded on pictures??? Back to regular blogging now…
ok… wait,
just one more picture!
our cruise ship, the Crown Princess, our home-sweet-home for one incredible awesome week! 🙂