foam rolled…

so I have been getting pretty sore after my runs lately… it probably didn’t help that on Saturday after my 9 miler I tried to do some weights, including squats. bad, BAD, idea. ugh. felt each little muscle fiber in my hammies and bum SCREAMING at me.

the next day, I took Abby dog for a short jog around our neighborhood. She slept over at our house. 🙂 It was kind of fun being dog-parents for a night. She was so excited and freaked out at the same time. She somehow managed to miss the balloon that was attached to my Valentine roses when she walked in the house, but about an hour later, she spotted them. Holy GROWLing dog. I have NEVER heard Abby growl like that. lol. Sundance and I couldn’t help but laugh at her. Anywho… the short jog didn’t do much for my sore hammies and butt.

escaped from work yesterday during lunch and ran 4 miles at the gym. I was a little late back to work, but so was my dr, so it worked out ok. I think I can easily do 4 during my lunch, as long as I can leave on time. but that… rarely happens. 3 miles or 30 mins will have to be my max. 😦

woke up late today… but ran for 20 mins on my treadmill to get a good sweat going before going to work…

worked a very long day… forgot my body glide (anti-chafe stuff… seriously.. chub chafe sucks, and really hurts!) so after work I headed out to 26.2 (the running store, literally just across the street from my work) to pick some body glide up and look at foam rollers. I ran into Janae! this girl can seriously brighten any day. I was kind of in a funk and she totally made my day. We chatted for a bit and are planning a fro-yo date soon! I ended up buying a PINK foam roller! Went to the gym, ran 5 TOUGH miles… came home, hopped in the shower, got in my jamma-jams and foam rolled… for the first time ever. Hurt like a motha! but at the same time, felt oh-so good. My eyes got a little teary when I was working on my quads. I didn’t even realize I was sore there! oh man. oh man. best $24.99 i’ve ever spent.

p.s. to my running bffs- you guys interested in doing another fro-yo date??


4 thoughts on “foam rolled…

  1. Julia says:

    fro-yo date????? count me in!!! good job on your running this week! it sounds like you are pushing yourself and getting better everyday! you are awesome!!! what size foam roll did you get? I am looking into getting one with a gift certificate I have but did not know there were different sizes??


  2. Jen says:

    It sure is hard to run when you are really sore!I love my foam roller, some days more than others. It can really hurt, but like you said, feel oh, so good. Cool that you got it in pink!If you plan it far enough in advance I might be able to come down again. I sure had a good time the first time around!


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