birthday girl!

Today was Addyson’s 1st Birthday party. Addy is Jess & Dean’s little girl, she is a sassy (i mean, SASSY) lil girl. She’s so freakin’ cute. Don’t tell her “mine” or “no no”, she immediately starts crying… and everyone else starts laughing. had so much fun taking pics of the birthday girl. 🙂
here are some of my favs…
 the birthday girl, miss addyson!
 cutest birthday theme! pink and green polka dots and girly owl.
 all the kiddies going crazy after Addy opened her presents. 🙂
 Addy & her momma
 she loved it when we sang ‘Happy Birthday’ 😉
 “it’s my party and i’ll cry if want too, cry if i want too… you would cry too if it happened to you…”
or did someone just say “no no”? 😉
 cutest chub rolls ever… seriously.
diz and me
on a side note… Had a GREAT run this morning. Had a 14 miler planned and my momma had to work this morning (boo!), so my friend Kristy and my brother Josh came with me instead! I really wanted to run down the canyon. But… I guess it’s still winter?! Ugh. Canyon… closed. Had Diz drive us up to the fork and we ran down a few miles, then looped into Mapleton and back home. My goal was to try to stay under a 9:00 pace (or at least close to 9:00). mission accomplished! Kristy and Joshie kept me going strong. Managed 14miles in 2:03:40, averaging 8:48 minute miles. tried (honestly tried) to do an ice bath… lasted about 5 seconds. chocolate milk and a banana=best recovery food.

3 thoughts on “birthday girl!

  1. Julia says:

    i think she is crying because she saw that huge cake and then got stuck with the little cupcake…haha :)Such an awesome run!! So excited for you 🙂 You will rock your marathon!


  2. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    YOU KILLED THAT RUN!!! I am so so happy for you, you are the SHE IS ADORABLE and that cake is absolutely amazing. I am so happy you had such a great time!! Have an amazing Sunday gorgeous girl and I can’t wait for our ice cream date!


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