Lent (update)

So I’m about 3 days into Lent. Had a raging headache yesterday, think it was due to NO caffeine. I didn’t make any coffee yesterday morning, I figured I’d get a latte sometime during the day, but I never had the opportunity. By 4pm, I thought my head was going to explode. :/ Went to my aunt & uncle’s house for dinner and American Idol, took some advil… but it didn’t help. I came home & crashed by 9pm. I fell asleep on top of the bed, fully dressed. LOL. Needless to say, I DID NOT leave the house without my coffee this morning. 🙂
Anyways… I’ve decided to add some things to my Lent sacrifices…
1. Cereal… (I have ZERO self control around cereal, and my hubby gets mad when I eat the entire box of cheerios or cinnamon toast crunch, so it’s on the Lent List)
2. Snacks at my office. I’m lucky enough to work for a great office. We have a fully stocked kitchen complete with crackers, cookies, granola bars, trail mix, mixed nuts, & graham crackers. (like #1, I have no self control with any & all carbs, so, in an effort to get back on track w/ my WW, all office snacks are going on the Lent List)
Had a super fun frozen yogurt date with Janae, Megan, & Julia today at Yogurtland. It was super good. I wish I had brought my camera! We sampled pretty much EVERY flavor. I ended up getting Peanut Butter, Double Cookies & Cream, and Toasted Coconut. All of them were non-fat or low-fat and SOO good. We need to make it into a weekly date girls!!! Seriously. I am having a blast getting to know these girls. They are all so sweet and have great personalities and totally make me laugh.
We’re headed to St. George in the morning (leaving WAY early). My Grandpa goes down for the winter, and he’s ready to come home, so we’re gonna go hang out tomorrow, visit the shooting range in Mesquite, hopefully shop at the Outlets (even though we have zero $$$), go for a 15-miler Sunday morning (my Dr. thinks we should run off River Rd in St. George, we’ll see…) and then pack my Grandpa up and head home Sunday night.
Have a fabulous weekend! I’m bringing my camera, so it’ll be picture overload when I get back! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Lent (update)

  1. Julia says:

    yayyyy!! i love blogger fro-yo dates…I am seriously so in on making this a weekly thing. that would be amazing! have so much fun this weekend! cant wait to see your pics 🙂


  2. MuncherCruncher says:

    That was SO MUCH FUN!! I seriously think you are absolutely darling, and I am so glad I can finally put two and two together with you and your blog! I would definitely be down on a weekly fro yo date! I’m glad I get to see you at spin too!! I hope St. Geezy was fun and warm and that your run was great! You’re darling ash!! xoxoxo


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