Headed South for the weekend…

Had a great time in St. George this weekend!
Got to shoot a shotgun for the first time ever. First time to ever HIT a target with a shotgun.
Got a little sunburned… No, I take it back, I got a little sun-kissed. 😉
have a nice shotgun… hickey… for lack of a better word. LOL. long, linear bruises on my shoulder from the shotgun… it apparently likes to mark it’s territory. 😉
Dad (in his pink stunna shades) & Mom
My super hott, super fierce Momma
Leslie, the shoot-em-up Queen
Justin, the shoot-em-up King
dizzle… perfect shot!
dizzle & me
Getting a lesson from the BEST!
“PULL IT” this was the first station… I missed EVERY target. LOL. Except the one on the ground. 😉 I did much better on the next station, with the “rabbit” targets.
SO, SO, SO much fun. Can’t wait to try this again!
By the time I got the nerve up to actually try holding the gun, We only had a few stations left. But it was all my weakling arms could take! Those shotguns are HEAVY! My shoulders are achey today! oooh my!
Mom and I woke up at the crack of dawn… no, wait… 2 hours before dawn. :/
Ran 15.15 miles in 2:22, avg 9:22 pace. Not super thrilled with the time, but considering we had tons of stops trying to find our way on the trail in the dark, I’m not surprised. Once it got light outside, we did much better. There was a few times when we almost biffed it hard! Lol, some parts of the trail had washed out in the floods and because it was so dark, we couldn’t tell the difference until we were in the dirt and about 8 inches dropped off the trail. Then had a flashback to Vejo hill when we got off the trail and had to head back up 1.5 miles of a hellish hill to get back to our hotel. But I was able to run the whole hill without stopping. Woot!

6 thoughts on “Headed South for the weekend…

  1. Rachelle Wardle says:

    How fun!! It looks so warm and like such a fun trip. Also great job with the mileage, you guys did awesome! Huge props for running that far while out of town. It is always different to run in a city you aren’t used to. Have a great week!


  2. Julia says:

    Your trip looks so fun…seriously. And I am totally afraid of guns but I cannot get over how awesome all of your pics are. I would totally not sweat the run…15 miles and a decent pace on vacation (in the dark, on a crazy trail and over hills??)…I would count that as like 3626435634 points in my book 🙂 Happy Monday!


  3. Jen says:

    It’s funny how much fun shooting is! And I wouldn’t be bummed about your run. It was still a great pace especially considering the conditions! And like you said, there’s always next week!I am really looking forward to the sun!And I really am bummed I missed out seeing you guys again for fro yo! Another time!


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