Happy Birthday DIZ!

Today is Sundance’s 31st Birthday!
WOO WOO… happy birthday BABE!
We had kind of agreed on no gifts since finances are a lil tight… but I just didn’t feel right not getting him anything. So after work I rushed to the mall and found him a cool pair of slip on Vans. He’s been looking at slip on shoes forever. I swear he has some odd shoe fascination.

dizzle’s new kicks!
look at those WHITE legs… someone needs some sunshine!
We met up with his family at PF Changs, ate WAY too much good food. Lettuce wraps and spicy Mongolian Beef? YES please! Diz got some StriVectin eye cream, he’s super worried about his eye “crinkles” so his Momma bought him some of the “good” stuff. He got lots of treats from Kathy & Randall & Stephanie. And Dallas and Kris and the kiddles bought him a round of golf, and Tessa made the CUTEST card.
“crinkle cream”

yummy treats!

my darling nephews!

me & diz

Afterwards, we headed to Farr’s for dessert. (yes, I cheated on Yogurtland… and I feel so naughty! lol) They had an “Orange Creamo” flavor that was TO-DIE-FOR! omg… so good.
orange creamo and coconut fro yo with mangoes, strawberries, kiwi, and fruity pebbles. YUM!

Chase and his crazy fro-yo mix… not sure how many flavors he tried! 🙂

Tessa Loo… loving the maraschino cherries!

uh… CUTEST boy EVER!

Had to introduce Cathy, Randall and Steph to Farr’s. Told them that Yogurtland was better!
So we’ll have to go there soon!

Birthday boy and his Momma

Pretty sure I could survive on lettuce wraps and fro-yo for the rest of my life. so delicious!
Now that we are sufficiently stuffed, it’s time for bed! 🙂

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