Friday Favs

 Here are some of my Friday Favs…
When I got to work this morning, this was on my desk. Michelle got my Mom and I little goodie bags to kick off our 2011 Running Season. Complete with Powerade Zero, Aisics socks (my fav!), Watermelon Chomps, and some chapstick! LOVE her! Such a sweetie!
Had to stop and get a skinny vanilla latte on the way home. I NEEDED some caffeine.
OH… I miss my Diet coke!
Then Diz and I headed to Lindon for Kelsey’s *surprise* Birthday party!!
Chels and I waiting for the Kels & Murr to come home…
waiting, waiting, waiting 😉
and eating Chelsey’s yummy Mickey & Minnie cake pops!
Birthday Girl and Me 🙂
**   Don’t mind all the overedited photos… I was having fun with the picnik photo editor. 😉   **
time for bed! Riverton 1/2 marathon in the morning! WOO HOO! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Friday Favs

  1. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    What a fun goodie package!! I am obsessed with you and your fam and I can’t wait to hang out!!! You are SO GORGEOUS!!! I love Kels….what a fun party. You are doing amazing on your no caffeine. Um, come hang out with me tomorrow okay.


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