Riverton Half Marathon & other fun stuff

I was super, SUPER, nervous for this run…
our nervous faces!
my nervous face and Josh and my Momma laughing! πŸ™‚
It was a tough course. When the course director emailed the elevation map, I thought to myself… “oh please, it can’t possibly be THAT HILLY!”
Well, ladies and gentlemen, I WAS WRONG. so very, very, VERY wrong.
The results are as follows:
1:43:56, 38th overall in men, 15th in his age group
1:49:15, 24th overall in women, FIRST in her age group!!!!
and last, but not least…
1:59:00, 52nd overall in women, 10th in my age group
“the family that runs together, stays together!”
So… I met my goal of coming in under 2 hours, but man… just by the skin of my nose.
things that went right:
*the weather stayed nice (no rain or snow)… it was windy (seemed really windy going uphill…maybe that’s just me!)
*really did well with the energy gels. really liking the Hammer gels and Accel gels.
*NO bathroom stops!
*Diz and his fam was there at the finish line to cheer me on!
*still had a little bit of juice in the tank to sprint (i think i sprinted) to the finish line… but sadly, because it was such a small race… I had no one to “chick“. I was surprised at how much I missed that extra motivation to PUSH!
*My Mom and I both won FREE race registration for next year. WOOT! gotta love raffles!
things that I need to improve on for next time:
*totally could’ve fueled better the night before. Chips & guac and birthday cake do NOT equal carb-loading.
*hill repeats… will Janae, Jen, Julia, and/or Rachelle PLEASE help me with this… I have no idea what I’m doing. The hills on this race were HELL for me. I struggled. I never walked, but I sure was slow up those damn hills.
*I want a Gu belt. My pouch left me with some serious sore spots.
*No more smack-talking with Josh… totally had to eat my words about “chicking” him at the finish line.
*FOR THE LOVE! DOUBLE KNOT MY SHOELACES! FML! Had to stop twice within the first mile to tie the SAME shoe. *facepalm*
For post-race fueling… nothing is better than frozen yogurt… from Yogurtland!
Great minds think alike, because we met up with Janae & Billy in the parking lot. I finally got to meet Billy and she got to meet my Momma & Daddy and Dizzle. (p.s. Janae, my Mom thinks you are adorable!) and then we saw Kristy & her hubby, Brett, from Sweet Treats & More inside. It was great. Dizzle got to try Yogurtland for the first time! πŸ™‚
my creation: coconut with strawberries and peanut butter with cap’n crunch.
(the strawberries had already been eaten by the time I remembered to take pics!)
Now for the Sunday highlight… My parents & brother took us to Texas Roadhouse for Diz’s birthday. I had almost forgot to tell the waitress about Diz’s birthday… HA! has anyone ever celebrated a birthday at Texas Roadhouse??? Good LORD. We were DYING laughing. The waitress brings over a guy who could holler and YEE-HAW better than I have ever seen or heard. He made Diz get on the horsey saddle and ‘cowboy it up’. AWESOME. SERIOUSLY, AWESOME!!!
check out that smile! he should’ve been a cowboy…
this guy… on the right… HOLY SHIZ. he can HOLLA! We all just sat and stared open-mouthed at how LOUD he could YELL. I wanna bring him to my marathon so he can cheer me on. seriously. he was that LOUD.
How was your weekend?

10 thoughts on “Riverton Half Marathon & other fun stuff

  1. Julia says:

    I couldn’t see your pics for some reason…sad. probably my computer and/or awesome internet being awesome as always. blah. I am still SO PUMPED and PROUD of you on your half. With hills and wind and you still did a sub 2…you are seriously AWESOME. plus free race registration is pretty much the best thing ever. Ummm…before the feet issues…I was loving me some hills. dont ask me why but I was. I have not necessarily ever done repeats but running the streets of Provo is pretty much enough because this place is hilly. But…once i get back into training mode I would like to do some hill repeats on the hills near the Y trail. I seriously saw my pace improving so much when I was working the hills. Lets get fro-yo this week. Megan posted on my blog tonight that she would like to meet up soon too…so she is pretty much in for this week as well (at least I am saying that she is…haha) πŸ™‚


  2. MuncherCruncher says:

    YES I AM IN FOR THIS WEEK!! I put it in all caps so you know I really mean it! k? You tell me when! You did AWESOME on your race girl. Hills are hard…they take practice that is for DANG sure. I want to hear more about this in person, and I’m SO SO sorry that you are having picture issues. Technology is annoying sometimes…


  3. Ann says:

    Hey girl, love the race recap!! So proud of you, and your mom and Diz’s race time!! Omg, amazing! I had frozen yougurt this weekend and thought of you, and your crazy yogurt combinations. Sounds like a great weekend – sending lots of love from MN!


  4. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    AHHHH I LOVED every second of this post. LOVE the scared faces and GIRL you ROCKED that CRAZY HARD COURSE….I am SO SO happy for you and free registration next year, WAHOO!!! I LOVED meeting your family, I loved taking our relationship to the next level. Good combo on the yogurtland trip!! YOU LOOK AMAZING as you run!!! I hope you are having an amazing work day and as soon as I am back we are going to go do hill repeats together! LOVE YOU!


  5. Rachelle Wardle says:

    First of all I love this post. The part about your husband and Texas Road house had me laughing out loud. How hilarious!Great job at the race girl!! I am so proud of you. And seriously who is your mom?? Wow she completely tore it up. I am so proud of all three of you and that is so awesome that you all ran together. Running with family is the best!Have a great Monday. P.S. I hate hills too. I am not much help.


  6. Julia says:

    YES. looks like we are DEFINITE for a fro-yo date this week. when is good?? friday at 4pm again? also…maybe I should try spin this week…ahhhhh…I dont know…I have never done it before and would maybe be terrified. LOVE the pics. you all look totally awesome in your action running pics. I kinda want to be a part of your hard core running fam πŸ™‚ cant wait to hang out!!!!


  7. kelsey and murray says:

    ash- you AMAZE me! WAY TO GO on the race. seriously- i admire you more that you will ever know ( and your cute momma too). i am sooo glad i was able to see you on friday night- we need to plan a get together pronto. sure love ya!


  8. Mrs. JM says:

    new reader! hi ashley, i linked from janae’s blog. i ran the riverton 1/2 on saturday too! i wish i’d linked to your blog earlier. i stood there before the start thinking ‘i don’t know anyone’ … great race. you’re right, those hills are some gnarly stuff and the wind was tough. i have this cool little pouch i bought from REI that holds my junk for me while i run. it can fit a few gels at a time and doesn’t require a belt. i love it! http://www.rei.com/product/773712 … anyway, nice to “meet” you.


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