Triple Tangent Tuesday

1. Ran my first official “trail run” yesterday w/the Doc I work for. While at work he asked me if I brought my headlight… and since we technically hadn’t discussed mileage I thought “oh my hell (or “oh my helicopter” like he says), he’s gonna make me run into the dark???”. But we ended up going about 4 miles, he said we gained about 1,100 feet in elevation. I told him he could tell me just about any number and that I’d believe him because I am NOT a hill person. I sounded like I had asthma/smoker’s cough/some other nasty lung condition. I was wheezing, huffing and puffing, behind him and his dog, Sadie, who carried a neon yellow golf ball in her mouth the ENTIRE time. We climbed and climbed and climbed. The views were amazing. I really wish I had brought my camera. next time… fo’ sho’. I will have proof of my trail running!

2. I made tilapia tonight! ME! I made fish… at my house!!! Ca-RaZy! Anyone who knows me… knows I really am NOT a seafood lover. I just recently started eating shrimp… and i’ll eat halibut at Diz’s mom’s annual Christmas Eve fish fry (it’s deep fried… anything deep fried is usually pretty good) But the tilapia was actually pretty good. It’s super low in calories, NO carbs, and way low in fat. for those of you who count points (WW) like me… only 2 pts for 4 oz. I need some more ideas of how to make it though. I used seasoning salt tonight and it was good. Gorgeous Janae said she uses taco seasoning. What are some other ideas?

3. Though I know Yogurtland tastes a million times better… this yogurt comes in a pretty close second. Toasted Coconut Dannon Light & Fit… SO GOOD over fresh fruit, especially mangoes, pineapple and bananas. YUM!


8 thoughts on “Triple Tangent Tuesday

  1. Julia says:

    I really want to try tilapia! I was so close to buying some last week at the grocery and then chickened out. I am a little scared of fish. eek. Where did you all go on your trail run? sounds so fun! my dog kicked my butt yesterday and she only weighs about 6 lbs. awesome.


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Good job on the trail run! You are a maniac.And I absolutely LOVE Danon. By far my new favorite yogurt. I was skeptical becuase I am a huge yoplait fan but it is seriously delicious. I often find myself licking the carton.Let me know what time you are planning to leave for the 18-miler saturday once you figure it out. 🙂


  3. Jen says:

    Trail run! Yay! It sounds so fun! I’m going to try that yogurt, it looks yummy! And I love fish. I did the Janae way with tilapia and taco seasoning and my whole family loved it!


  4. Amber says:

    Ok, first… Congrats on your half!!! You’re awesome!Second, I love fish but I used to refuse to cook it on the house cause of the smell. Somehow I got over that and we make it all the time. If you go to gina’s blog at she has a TON of yummy recipes for tilapia…and everything else… Plus she counts the ww Points, fat and calories!!! Amazing!


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