april fools??

I think I’m the only fool here… ha!
I’m sufficiently carb-loaded for my 18 miler tomorrow.
I ate a baked potato (ok… 2 baked potatoes, but they were small…), chicken breast and a spinach salad with mango salsa, clementine wedgies and strawberries. it was DELICIOUS!
Β (why have I never put fruit on my salad before?? SO GOOD!
Diz will wake up at the bum-crack of dawn to drive us all (and I emphasize all) up to the top of the canyon. Our running crew includes: ME, my Momma, my bro-Poshie, his girlfriend, Katie, my co-worker, Britt (who I convinced to run Ogden Marathon with me and my Mom), my friend, Niccole (who ran Top of Utah with us last year), and her friend, Steph, and last, but not least, my blog friend Rachelle. It will look like a race is going on… all we need is a few port-a-potties and bib numbers and a few aid stations. πŸ™‚
after we get done with the run… it’ll be time for a fro-yo date with some awesome ladies. Janae, Rachelle, Julia, Megan and all the other awesome girls who decide to show! πŸ™‚ we’re going to Yogurtland… I’m already craving coconut fro-yo with TONS of fresh fruit. πŸ™‚ bringing my camera… and being ridiculous and taking LOTS of pics.
But want to know why I’m the biggest fool??
I told my Dr. that I’d be a part of his relay team for the Heaven and Hell Wasatch Front Ultra Relay.
I go on ONE (ONE!!!)Β trail run… a measly 4 mile trail run… and I think I can do this? Well my Dr says he knows I can do it. So… as scared as I am to do this… I committed. I’m doing it. I can’t help but think… “WTH has gotten in to me?” I have a problem… I am addicted to running.
Wanna see the elevation map? It makes me queasy…
he assured me I won’t have to run in the dark and that the trails are marked so I won’t get lost… relay team is 6 people, we each run 2 legs… we have 36 hours to finish. Starts 5am on July 15 at the Homestead in Midway and ends 5pm the next day. It’s an out and back relay course. I’ve been assured that the course is beautiful and that I’ll be “so glad” I did it.
good night… this girl has to go to bed! πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “april fools??

  1. Julia says:

    yum! love fruit on my salad…sooooo good!!! I am actually pretty jealous of your trail relay…it sounds so adventurous and hard core :)and of course jealous of your all’s 18 miler…eeeeek! itching to get back to that distance again πŸ™‚ cant wait to hear all about it tomorrow!


  2. MuncherCruncher says:

    Oh my goodness your dinner looks SO good! It just made me super hungry! Congrats on OWNING your 18 miler!! You are amazing my dear. It was so fun to get to see you today! I wish I could have stayed longer and that i could have talked to you more! I need the update on your life!! You looked darling! Talk to you soon? please? xoxoxo


  3. Ann says:

    That sounds like the Ragnar Race, only more intense. My co-worker has been trying to get me to sign up for the Ragnar. Anyways – you will do great!! Sounds awesome.


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