the bad… and the good

Yesterday morning I headed out the door for an 8 miler. It was one of those runs where I was really glad my Mom lives 2 miles from me… lol. had to take a little pit stop. (that’s the bad) My Mom was busy cleaning so I offered to take Abby on the rest of my loop and then drop her back off and then head back home. It was a pretty decent run, had fun with Abby, and because I had to run her back home, my run ended up being just under 9 miles. score!
This morning, my Mom and I went to the gym for a 40 minute treadmill session, we were wanting to go longer, but both of us got a late start. I did some great speed work on the treadmill. 5 miles in 40:29, for an average 8:05 minute mile. Woot Woot. (that’s the good)
and now for the ugly….
Did you watch American Idol tonight? OMIGOSH! Pia went home! I thought she was gonna win! My choices for the bottom 3 were Paul, Haylee and Casey… Boy… I was WAY wrong. I almost cried went Pia’s name was announced. I voted mostly for Lauren last night, but I did throw a couple votes in for her too! Ugh… I’m hoping American Idol comes up with some super save, once in a lifetime rule exception and bring her back…  because America got it SOOO wrong this week!
bye bye Pia… 😦

6 thoughts on “the bad… and the good

  1. Julia says:

    ash…you are getting crazy fast girl. way to go on your speed work!! you ROCK. ummm so I have not kept up with AI like I would have liked to this year but I definitely have watched enough to know that Pia was one of my faves…SAD that she went home. blah. have a good night!!


  2. Julie says:

    8:05m/m!! WOW – you did great!I dream of the day I’m running that fast for any type of distance longer than 1 horribly hard mile.My husband is devastated by Pia’s disappearance. Well…as devastated as he can be about a show he really doesn’t care about. I think she was just a little too boring for America’s vote. Fantastic voice and beauty, though – she’ll go somewhere!! I couldn’t believe how upset the judges were.WOW!


  3. Jen says:

    Congrats on the run! It’s always nice when it ends up being a little longer than you would have thought! You are so speedy! Ogden’s gonna be a great race for you!


  4. Rachelle Wardle says:

    I am loving the good in this post. You had 2 stellar runs in a row. Awesome job for pushing yourself to the 8:05 average pace. That is no easy feat on those grey treadmills. I swear they are harder than the black ones.I am really really proud of you and feel like you are constantly improving.


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