Friday Favs (a day late…) & Saturday TM Run

so my doc was gone Thursday and Friday (woot woot for a small break!) so work was pretty chill. I was able to help Michelle get caught up on surgeries before she leaves (lucky girl is leaving for a week-Caribbean cruise!) so I kept busy, but it was less stressful. 🙂
tried running Friday morning… really wanted to watch this weeks episode of Vampire Diaries… but it wasn’t on the website or Hulu yet… so I was pretty annoyed from the get-go… then I started watching the ‘Blame it on the Alcohol’ episode from Glee (it’s one of my fav episodes… i giggle when I think of Finn describing the different kind of “drunk” girls to Rachel). anywho… I spent more time on the sides of the treadmill-gasping for breath, wiping sweat, NOT running. ugh. So i just gave up after 30 mins and told myself I’d hit the gym after work. AND holy shiz, what a difference a few hours makes! Hit the gym with the intention of only running 3 miles… ended up going 5. Right after I hit 3 miles, Janae and her sister (who by the way… is JUST as gorgeous as Janae… and I totally want her hair!) stopped by and said hello! totally made my day! (also felt like a sweaty trainwreck next to them, lol). When they had stopped by I had already planned to go 4, but then I felt inspired to sprint one more mile and go to 5!!! woot woot. I was super sweaty, but super happy. It’s amazing what a good run does for my mood. 🙂
After I left the gym, I headed to the used bookstore in orem, called Book Baron’s Cottage. I took a HUGE bag of old books I had read and wandered for about 45 minutes picking out new books. I LOVE LOVE LOVE to read, and I got 9 books for only $13… pretty good deal! I’ll read just about anything… I love chick lit, vampire stuff (don’t judge me), teen angsty stuff (again, don’t judge, some of the best books are targeted for the “young adult”), romance… just about anything.
my bookstore finds!!!
then I hit up Runners Corner to pick up some Chomps for my treadmill LONG run… and I ended up spending an hour trying on shoes. I’d like to blame my arch problems on my shoes… couldn’t possibly be that I run too much, or don’t stretch enough… But I think I found my new fav shoes, Brooks Launch. Unfortunately, I think they’re as ugly as sin… and they’re $90. I think once I get paid next week I may have to break down and buy them, start rotating them in with my Wave Riders.
then I finally headed home! ha! didn’t get home til 8:30, ate a late dinner, and hit the sack… because…
this morning… I had a group date with Rachelle, Julia, and Rochelle at SF Gold’s gym!
That’s right ladies and gentlemen, we had planned a long run for the gym. Since Utah weather is bi-polar and it decided to rain/snow/slush this morning, we all figured we’d suffer on the treadmill instead of in the cold. 🙂
I went all week thinking I had a 12 miler this weekend, nope, it was 13… Which is only one more mile, but still! 13 is more than 12!
It actually went ok. Not gonna say it was FANTASTIC, but it’s done. The first 10 miles went pretty easy, feeling good, not too tired, except when I pulled the emergency stop at 5.7 miles and then again, about 4 seconds later. (I have a thing (some may call it OCD) with TM numbers/miles/minutes) I was super annoyed because I wanted to run 7 miles in one 60 min session (the TM make you stop after 60mins) and then do the last 6. So I had to run 1.3miles to make it 7, then stop and start again. Sounds so dumb right? but, that’s just the way the logic works in my brain.
Finished in 1:52:08, which equals an 8:37 avg pace.
For the first 7 miles I kept it between 6.7-6.9, the last 6 i tried to go a lil higher, started at 6.7, but attempted to maintain 7.0-7.2, last mile, I tried (key word: TRIED) to sprint… but I was spent! I was such a sweaty mess… ugh. Tank top was completely soaked through. I took out my ponytail to put it up in a knot and my hair stayed up like it was still in the ponytail. YUCK!
It was super fun to run with the girls! I have to apologize to Rochelle… who apparently tried talking to me, but since my ipod was on eardrum-blasting volume level… I didn’t hear her. my bad. I don’t like the background noise at the gym, so I turn my ipod as loud as it will go. When we run outside next week, I promise not to be such a toolbag and turn my ipod down and be chatty! at least for the first 10-15 miles, 15-20… will be a different story. 😉
and another reason why this day rocks??? just downloaded a TON of music… love itunes… bought me some gLee and Adele and k-dollar sign-ha and britney and some random sale songs and… some Lauren Alaina (Am Idol) songs… woot woot!
my running playlist needed some serious updating. 🙂
Have a great weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favs (a day late…) & Saturday TM Run

  1. Julia says:

    ahhhhhh I just love you…you are so super fabulously amazing. seriously. today turned out SO great. I was seriously so inspired running next to you 🙂 and I have to admit I did notice the whole 1ish mile thing and then restarting? I was so confused…glad I now have the explanation. CANT WAIT TO RUN AGAIN! have an awesome day!p.s. I am SO glad you posted about that bookstore. I need to go there ASAP!


  2. Rochelle says:

    Your pace was rocking – you were doing so awesome (and I’m so in awe since you did 5 last night) And totally no need to apologize – I was getting to a point where I was mentally so done and it was just funny cause I would say something and then just wait….and then I realized you couldn’t hear me…but you think I would have remembered the first time – no I did it like 3 times! I’m a loser! LOLAnd I’m totally the same way with the treadmill timer – I was so upset when I accidentally reset mine at the beginning and then I just kept waiting until I could get to a time left where I knew I would go over the 60 minute mark and to make sure I could get my time back correctly.Sorry this was so long…so glad we got to run together! You are awesome!


  3. Rachelle Wardle says:

    You are the best Ashley! Great job on the run girl you kept an awesome pace. You are really an awesome runner and always look so strong and consistant.I am already getting pumped for the 20-miler next weekend. Let me know if you need help figuring out a route.Have a fabulous night! 🙂


  4. Ann says:

    I have SO MUCH to say. I love Glee. I’m a total Gleek. Also – I have Wave Riders!! We are totally shoe twinsies. I can’t believe you did 13 miles on the treadmil. That is NUTS. Also, I love love LOVE Ke-dollar sign – HA. Especially the new remixed album (mmcha-mmcha). LOVE. I wish you lived in Minnesota so we could be friends IRL (in real life). You’d probably inspire my running time like WOAH.


  5. Jen says:

    What a fun time! If you have to be on a treadmill for that long at least you had friends to do it with! Lucky you! Your pace is awesome! I hope in a couple of years I can be like you! I can’t wait for Ogden so that I can see you again!I love new music too and Glee is one of my favorites!Have a great week!


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