First run…

Did my first run in compression socks yesterday. Kind of weird… i think i liked it… but I’m not sure. My mom gave me this pair because she said she never wanted to run in them again since she wore them at Top of Utah and still cramped…

It was fun trying to get the suckers on… holy moly. I have big calves but good lord i felt like Tigger, like my legs were ready to spring out of the socks… boing… boing. LOL. My mom assured me that this pair of socks are not even that tight!! Well, I’d hate to try on a “real” pair of compression socks. :/

I felt like i was going super slow at the first part of my run but towards the end i was speeding up. After looking at my splits, turns out each mile i got a lil faster. First mile was around 9:30 pace and my last mile was 8:23 (aka: my marathon goal pace)!!!! 5 miles in 44:ish… for avg pace of 9:05. Not too shabby!

I think i’ll wear them on my 20 miler on Saturday … 🙂

**I’m pretty sure my pics will be sideways but I’m posting from my phone, so forgive me!**


10 thoughts on “First run…

  1. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Love the pink…they are adorable. Running in compression socks is way weird the first time but now I think I really like it and I also feel like it improves my recovery. My calves aren’t as sore after long runs.I am getting excited/anxious for 20 miles this weekend. Great job on your 5-miles yesterday girl, you are awesome!


  2. Jen says:

    You’re so stinking cute! I’ve run in compression socks a few times and liked it. I think I might like the ones with the individual toe pockets.


  3. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    AHHHH GREAT RUN!!!! I love it when the run gets progressively faster. You are going to qualify at Ogden..I KNOW IT!!! LOVE THE SOCKS. I WANT your calves woman, you are so STRONG and you look so beautiful in your mirror shot. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR OUR DATE AND OUR GOODIES. You are way too good to me and I love my little bestie!


  4. Julia says:

    haha! this post totally made me laugh but I agree. I feel like my compression socks have springs in the feet. Plus I really did have to watch the video multiple times to learn how to put them on…so funny!! great job on your run!


  5. [Red Sox] Wife says:

    ASH those are the CUTEST!!!! you make me want to run in compression socks (you make them look so sexy!) but usually I wear long pants or capris so that may look awkward….Enjoy your 20 miler this weekend! I will be there in spirit!


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