Pizza Factory Date

I got to go on a date with these gorgeous girls! Janae and Megan!
 We met up at Pizza Factory
(because they have the best salad bar and breadtwists)
and these 2 girls put me to salad-shame…
left=Janae’s salad, middle (in then back)=Megan, the measly, small, mini salad on the right=mine
(stole both of those pics from Janae’s blog)
Janae is headed to Boston on thursday and I seriously wish I could go with her. Hopefully her leg gets better in the next 24 hours so she will be able to run the Boston Marathon. This girl is amazing, I tell you. She’s been through a few rough weeks dealing with this horrible injury and has been looking forward to Boston for so long. Anywho… I gave her a baggie of goodies to help get her on her way… Mostly candy, but there was some whole-grain goldfish crackers too. (SOOOO healthy)
anywho… these 2 girls are awesome. Life has been a little hectic lately and these girls have been so supportive and caring and it means so much to me. I never would have thought that I would have made such amazing friends with girls I met through blogging. crazy, right?
ALL of these girls (and my bro, Joshie in the top pic) are amazing.
Rachelle formed a Running Group on Facebook and we organize our long, training runs there. it’s awesome.
We cheer each other on, encourage each other, and tell each other how gorgeous, awesome, amazing, cool, etc (insert whatever sweet word) they are. I’m so glad that I have met these amazing women!!!
They all ROCK!
enough mushy-gushy… I’m hitting the sack. I need to get serious about waking up on time in the morning and hitting the gym for some ‘real’ training runs. 🙂
have a nice night!

10 thoughts on “Pizza Factory Date

  1. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    I am so so obsessed with you!! I feel like you have taken care of me the last few weeks and from now on I am taking care of you! I can’t wait to do long runs with you guys! How was your run this morning? Ash did you know that you are completely movie star gorgeous!!!! Love you beautiful!


  2. Rachelle Wardle says:

    K so seriously I am a big fat baby but this post almost made me cry. I have never been good at making ‘girl friends’ and blogging has been such an amazing opportunity for me to meet some amazing people.It was good to see you at the gym this morning you are just awesome! Have a great day.


  3. Jen says:

    You guys are so lucky! That lunch looks like so much fun and your running group is great! Friends really do make the miles seem to go by so much quicker and easier!


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