treadmill vs. road

so… had a tough (but in a good way) run yesterday. Wanted to do some speed work and actually do some incline stuff on the treadmill. Initially just wanted to go to 2.0%, but some crazy (and probably illogical) part of me “why not do 4% for a bit). You can look at my little handy dandy chart/graph thing I made.

rest assured… I had a lot of “pause” breaks and a potty break at 3.5miles.

Basically, I just kept increasing the pace .1mph, then on the last mile I increased it .2mph every tenth of a mile, but for the last half mile I dropped the incline to 0… 
total run time was 41:25, for an avg pace of 8:16.
I was a sweat-nasty mess when I got home.
It was tough. 4%… KILLED me. oh my hell. my legs felt like MUSH when I walked out to my car.
So this morning, I really wanted to do 8, but for some reason… my body didn’t want to get out of bed. So I told myself, I had to go 6 and was NOT allowed to walk at all. I had to hustle. We had a trauma coming into work at 8:30 and I HAD to be there on time. (usually on Wednesdays and Thursdays I can be late and it’s not a huge deal…) So I ran 6 outside (actually 6.12miles) in 58:14 (splits= 9:11, 9:42, 9:55, 9:11, 9:32, 9:32), avg pace was 9:31.
which just goes to show… I love the treadmill for speed work, it’s a confidence booster when I can increase my speed and prove to myself that I can run sub 9:00 min miles and survive…
in the wind and on canyon hills-not as easy.
I’m blaming my speed work (and 4% incline) for my slower splits today. I was sore… but I never did walk, so that’s good. 🙂
after a crazy work day… hit up Janae‘s spin class. Super sweaty nasty mess after that. But I love her to death, and will continue to go every Wednesday night and get a bike in the front row and hoot and holler and be “that girl” who enjoys that kind of torture. 😉
p.s. you should check out her blog and leave her some love. girlfriend has been under the assumption that she had a quadricep muscle strain for 5 weeks… turns out femur stress fracture. which means NO Boston Marathon for her, this year.
BUT, good news is… she’s gonna come cheer me on at Ogden and Utah Valley and when I (hopefully) qualify for Boston… she said we’re gonna run Boston together next year. how freaking cool/amazing/awesome would that be???
p.s. on a total random side note… anyone watch Idol tonight? UGH. I thought it was awful… Casey needs to go home. I liked Lauren, Scotty, and Stefano… but certainly didn’t LOVE them. Paul needs to take his silly little flower suit and go home too. and so does Haylee… girl wears as little clothing as possible and just growls into the mic. Gag.
Bottom 3 prediction: Haylee, Casey, and Paul
and if I had it my way… they’d all go home and bring Pia back. just sayin’

8 thoughts on “treadmill vs. road

  1. Julia says:

    oh hey. its me. your #1 fan and first commenter. always. you are amazing. and that speed work was killer awesome rocking it. that is for sure. i think it is so good that you took it easy on your run today…9:30 is still a GREAT pace…and an even better one the day after speed. you inspire me 🙂 have a good day tomorrow 🙂


  2. Jen says:

    You really are amazing! That was one tough speed workout (which you did great on) and then to turn around and do 6 with canyons and wind? Amazing! Running outside really is harder than a treadmill because it’s so unpredictable. You never know what you’re going to get even if it’s on a familiar route! I’m mostly excited about Ogden to get to see you again!


  3. The Hungry Runner Girl says:

    We r going to run Boston together!!!! Crazy awesome hill work…..u r crazy fast and your body needed to go slower the next day…. Recovery is just as important as hard workouts!!! I would die without u in spin!!! Kelsey wants to do a triple date in two weeks, r u guys in?!? I can’t wait to cheer you on and start riding my bike with u on runs!!! Love you gorgeous girl!


  4. Rachelle Wardle says:

    You rock my world Ashley! Awesome treadmill run. 4%…holy hell that scares me. You are my hero lady.I agree with you that speedwork is easier on the treadmill than on the roads. Something about those dang numbers starring you down.Anyway you are awesome and you WILL qualify for Boston. It will happen and we will all run it together. Oh the thought of that makes me giddy. :):) Have a fabulous day.


  5. Muncher Cruncher says:

    Ummm…. 4%?? Check you out girl! AMAZING. I love that now when I read your blog I can totally hear you saying everything. It’s so much your personality and I LOVE it. Reading about spin just made me real jealous…boooooo. I’m there next time fo sheezy. Love you darling! xoxoxo


  6. michael. mindy. dane. says:

    i’m totally new to your blog. found it through janae’s. let’s just say…i kinda love it. i love this little chart thing you made on this post. i want to copy it. the run, i mean. not the chart. anyway. just thought i’d say hi 🙂


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