random thoughts…

Here are a bunch of random thoughts going on in my head today…
Debating on whether or not I should sign up for St. George Marathon. Part of me doesn’t want to train (aka… run longer than 13.1 miles) throughout the summer. I hate having to mess with my training schedule or having to work around vacations. I’m too OCD for my own good.
I ran 10.12 miles today at the gym. My knee felt a little funny for about 30 seconds around mile 7. Is it weird I’m freaking out because I feel like all of my blogger friends are injured, so it’s only a matter of time until the injury bug hits me?? That being said… I felt great during the run (minus those 30 seconds), felt strong, felt tough.
Yesterday’s 6 miler… was the opposite. It sucked. It was hard. It was 736 degrees in the gym and I thought I was gonna die.
Speaking of the gym… I have a major pet peeve. Rachelle just posted a blog about her gym pet peeves, and I have to admit, I agree with her. But I have to add my own pet peeve. There is a girl at the Spanish Fork Gold’s who I like to call the “Treadmill Stalker”. There is a treadmill at the gym that seems to be coveted by a lot of runners. Last year, when they used to have DVD players, this “coveted treadmill” was the treadmill with the best view if you brought a movie/show to watch. However… they got rid of the DVD players. “Treadmill Stalker” has not received the memo. If you are on the “coveted treadmill” she will literally stand right behind the treadmill until you get off. Even if there are other open treadmills. It’s so annoying. Last week, I was on the treadmill next to the “coveted treadmill” and she stood behind me for at least 25 minutes (the girl next to me was apparently running more than just a few miles). When the stalker finally moved on to the elliptical, she was literally staring at the treadmill that she wants the entire time. The girl next to me starts to walk, like she is cooling down and the stalker all but leapt off her elliptical and again stood behind us. Girl next to me walks for quite a bit, longer than the 5 minute cool down. Stalker chic was pissed. Yesterday, (my crappy 6 miler) when I got to the gym, there were no open treadmills. Within about 30 seconds of me hopping onto an elliptical, 3 treadmills opened up. I noticed the stalker was on a treadmill, though not the “coveted” treadmill. I thought, hmm, maybe she’s getting over her treadmill obsession. As time went on, the gym cleared out pretty quickly, on one of many breaks, I turned around and the stalker had moved to the “coveted treadmill”. She’s NOT over the obsession, obviously. Am I the only one that thinks this is INSANE? It annoys the crap out of me. But at the same time, I think it’s freaking hilarious. I thought I was OCD…
Had lunch with Megan yesterday and it was so much fun. I’ll go to Pizza Factory and eat ginormous salad bar and a bread twist ANY DAY. Megan is darling. Had a blast chatting about running, weight loss, boys, and just life in general. 🙂 I’ve decided this needs to be a weekly thing. This is in addition to the weekly Yogurtland dates.
Glee… is anyone else a Glee fan? I am a HUGE fan. Love me some Rachel, Puckerman, Britney, Finn, Artie, Blaine, and Kurt, and every other character. In fact, in my iTunes library… I have 122 Glee songs, which equates to 7.1 hours of delicious pop music. 🙂 Did anyone see Holly Holiday (aka Gwyneth Paltrow) sing Adele’s “Turning Tables” on Tuesday night? It was amazing. I had no idea she could sing THAT well. DANG chica! Girl’s got some pipes. OHHH… and get this. I got offered a concert ticket to the Vegas Glee show!!!! And … GUESS WHAT day it is? May 21st. The same day as Ogden Marathon. Seriously… I wanna cry. I LOVE GLEE. But I have to run this marathon! I’ll just have to rock out to my MANY hours of Glee music while I’m running and go to next years show! 🙂
Speaking of Adele… and cover songs. Did anyone see Haylee (from Am. Idol) completely BUTCHER “Rolling in the Deep”? ugh… how is that girl still getting votes? BOO!
Did I mention that my Mom and I bought matching shorts for the Ogden Marathon? Yup. We are SUPER cool like that. I know you all are jealous that we are matchy-matchy. So… if you wanna be cool like us, hit up Sports Authority and get a pair of the purple nike tempo shorts.

12 thoughts on “random thoughts…

  1. Katie says:

    How freaking annoying about the girl at the gym! If I was the one on the “coveted” treadmill I would stay on there as long as possible just to piss her off. I’m a brat like that though. Ha Ha!You and your mom are so dang cute! I love it! I miss you girls. We should have a Joe’s date.


  2. Stefanie D. says:

    Hahahaha. I would LOVE to watch the treadmill stalker. She sounds intense. Seriously?? I can’t believe she stands behind people, that is so annoying. If she ever did that to me, I would be like…UM, can I help you?? Maybe that treadmill gives her magic powers, like the ability to breath under water or something.I LOVE GLEE! Can we have a Glee date?? Britney is my favorite. I love her.


  3. Rochelle says:

    You are so dang cute…you and your mom! I love that you are matching. And I want to be invited to these weekly pizza factory dates! I love Megan!! She is great! And listening to your guy’s dates makes me a bit jealous! Can’t wait for our 12 miler this weekend….I’m so scared cause I’m going to be the slow poke – but so excited to get one more long run in before the half!


  4. Julia says:

    ahhhhhh!!! i LOVE LOVE LOVE those shorts. omg. obsessed. i need those like NOW. also. starting next week I am finished with school at 12 on MWTh…this just means that we MUST go to the pizza factory. Okay…you all already go but I NEED to join. pretty please?and that gym story was hilarious. gold’s is literally the craziest place I have ever been. really. seriously. so rando. dang. slacking tonight. 4th commenter. i suck. i want to run with you all on saturday. okayyyyy see you then.miss youuuuu!


  5. kay.tee. says:

    I am the exact same way about my training schedule, NOTHING gets in the way of my scheduled workouts. And I mean nothing. I’ll get up and do it at 3 am if I have too.. I’m a little crazy. I am doing a marathon on May 15th, I think you’re about a week ahead of me in training. My 20 is tomorrow and I’m extra nervous. You should visit my gym: bikini shavers, hair dying, old ladies that tell you your headphones are too loud.. it’s a freakin circus.


  6. evamadera says:

    that treadmill stalker is hilarious! I’ll admit, I have favorite machines (treadmill, elliptical, spin bike) for no real reason and am super bummed whenever they’re taken. I don’t hang around and wait for someone to get off though…that’s just creepy


  7. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Oh Ashley I just love you and all of your randomness. I loves every single thing you mentioned. We should seriously do a weekly lunch date to Pizza factory. I love that place. I can go just about anyday after 12:30. I think I know the exact treadmill stalker you are talking about. How funny!!!I am obsessed with those shorts and totally want to match you and your Mom because you are both about the nicest, sincere people I have ever met.Enjoy the 12-miler this weekend, I will miss you guys. 😦


  8. Jennifer says:

    People at the gym are SO crazy! What is it with working out that makes people psychotic?! My favorite is when there are at least 10 free treadmills between me and the nest taken one and someone jumps on the one right next to me and then they don’t watch the TV show that’s on. I’m fairly certain it’s my bright red face that draws them in…yeah…


  9. Ann says:

    LOL about the girl at the gym. I have a lot of “characters” at my gym too, but it’s comforting to go and see them every day. In a weird sort of day. Have an awesome weekend, and enjoy some froyo for me!!! 🙂


  10. Muncher Cruncher says:

    YES please to making our lunch dates weekly! I seriously loved every second of it!!! I love glee too…oh Puck…you are darling. Your tempo shorts are freaking SO cute, and I’m so glad I got to meet your adorable mom. I want to just hang out with you two. Ok? Ok. xoxoxo See you soon!!


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