12 miler, no, wait… 15 miler

The crew met up at 6:30 (we decided to sleep in a little… HA!) at my house. I let poor Diz sleep and used the timer on my camera to take a picture.
Josh, Momma, Katie, Julia, Rochelle, & Me
Running 12 was on the training schedule… but Josh and Katie had mentioned running a little longer, they had planned to just run down the canyon back to his house… and my Mom had even said she may want to go 13 or 14. I, on the other hand, was perfectly content to go my 12. LOL.
We took off and Joshie was in the lead, Momma next, then Katie and I, and Julia and Rochelle were just behind us… turns out poor Rochelle was a tad sick… dry heaving, and sometimes, NOT dry heaving. I had no idea… I suck at being in charge of the running group. Julia caught up with us (mom and me) at the fork in the canyon, Josh and Katie had already turned around and headed down, we were stopping to Gu and get water. Julia had mentioned that she wanted to go a little further, like 14 or 15. My mom needed to head back down to the golf course to use the bathroom, but agreed to run back up and meet us up LEFT hand fork. I repeat, LEFT HAND fork! Julia and I took off up LEFT HAND fork and went up a mile and half (remember how I’ve said that the left hand fork doesn’t seem like it’s down hill, well… I lied. You come to realize just how UP-HILL it is when you run UP it…) then turned back around expecting to see my Momma running up… but we never did. :/ hmm. I thought, well maybe she just headed back down, tummy issues must have gotten her. Then I had to stop at the golf course (pizza factory salad bar trip x 2 for lunch day before LR = bad idea) and use the bathroom and we still didn’t see my Mom. I wasn’t too worried, well, until Josh & Katie pull up in his truck in a panic because my Mom isn’t home yet… WHAT?! Fast forward through the drama- My mom and I had a little miscommunication and she went up RIGHT hand fork. Not LEFT hand. She was only about ½ mile behind us. I’m surprised that she didn’t catch us… but considering she ran up right hand fork (WAY MORE STEEP than left hand fork-which is why Julia and I ran up left hand) her poor legs were toast!
the run stats are as follows… 15 miles in 2:23:53, for an average pace of 9:36.
certainly not my best time… but considering it’s my first LR going UP the canyon and I ran 3 more miles than anticipated, I’ll have to just deal with it. Boo. :/
been foam rolling like it’s no one’s business, took some advil… didn’t have any chocolate milk… had to survive with coffee & lots of creamer (totally the same thing, right?!)
we are off to our nephew’s birthday party this afternoon, then back home and maybe a fun night of bowling and fro-yo with Poshie & Katie. 🙂
Have a fantastic Easter weekend!
I really hope the Easter bunny leaves me some Diet Coke and Diet Dr Pepper!
(I had a vivid dream last night about Diet Coke… it was like reuniting with a long lost love… LOL!)

11 thoughts on “12 miler, no, wait… 15 miler

  1. Julia says:

    ahhhhhh. craizest day everrr! Love the emphasis on left hand fork. haha! totally agree. I did not realize the incline we were making until we turned around. eeeeeek. your poor momma. I hope she can walk after climbing that steep mountain! she is amazing. We can NEVER lose her again!thanks for adding on the extra 3…you are amazing!


  2. Julia says:

    also…totally forgot that you ran a 10 miler at the gym earlier this week…you are a ROCKSTAR. annnnnnnnd where did you and your momma get those sweet white running half zip jackets??? Love them!


  3. Rochelle says:

    You are a great group leader! I’m just sorry I was such a wimp! Next time around I’ll be better! And I feel so bad about the miscommunication and your poor mom!! And your times were amazing! I hope your knee feels better soon and just the hills I did were tough – I can’t imagine going up further!! Ya’ll are my heros!


  4. Ann says:

    LOVE this run recap. Girl, I would KILL for 9:35 pace. Sounds like a great run, and you totally earned that froyo. I introduced Jay the other day, and he said, “This is LIFE CHANGING.” You would be proud. 🙂


  5. Pam says:

    Ummmm…If I may defend myself, the last words out of my mouth were “We are meeting up RIGHT hand fork right?” After running an additional 3 miles up the RIGHT hand fork looking for Ashley and Julia (did I mention how steep those 3 miles were?)I came to the conclusion that they had been eaten by bears. I quickly turned around and FLEW down the canyon!Before I was eaten by bears!! I never did catch up with anyone…running that is. I did run into Josh and Katie in his truck looking for me about 2 miles from Ashleys house. Oh AND my husband out looking for me in his truck because Josh had alerted him that he should be worried about me!! It really was a good SOLO run and my legs are feeling it today! LOL


  6. Rachelle Wardle says:

    Good job with LR Ashley you are awesome. And seriously how could you be dissapointed with that pace? You were literally running up a freaking mountain! That is an awesome pace.I am so sorry you lost your Momma I bet that was so stressful. Have the best Easter ever and I hope the Easter Bunny brings you a 24 pack of diet coke!How about we get all crazy and do 21 miles this Saturday?


  7. Julia says:

    ohhhh man. just read your mom’s comment and I was laughing out loud. It really is not funny what happened. I actually feel terrified that she ran up 3 steep miles. She is seriously AMAZING. but just the fact that she said she flew down the mountain to avoid the bears. omg. I am dying. Happy Easter to you and your sweet sweet fam 🙂


  8. Muncher Cruncher says:

    I love that you set these runs up every week girl and that you get up so FREAKING early on your Saturday mornings. Amazing! I also love that the Easter bunny was so good to you! Your pic you sent me was so cute! Happy Easter Girl! See you this week!! xoxoxo


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