we are kids at heart

Get ready for picture OVERLOAD!
Last night after a delicious dinner at Ruby River we (Josh, Katie, Diz & I) headed back to Josh’s house to dye Easter Eggs!
Katie & Josh ❤
misread the directions and didn’t buy any vinegar…
so we used rice vinegar… LOL.
in case you’re wondering, it DOES work. 🙂
Do you see the wet spot on Josh’s sleeve?
holy shiz… he splashed a little bit of egg dye on his shirt
and Fu-REAKED out! it was hilarious.
You would think the dye was acidic and burning his skin,
nope… just worried it was gonna stain his shirt. 😉
now… THAT… is pure artistic talent!
poshie hard at work…
how cute is that?! ❤ ❤ ❤
and then, there’s my husband “EAT ME”… :/
my turn!! egg wrappers! woo hoo!
like magic!!
and the finished product!
This is what happens when Josh takes my camera…
I have no shame 🙂
I repeat- NO shame at all…
yup, not even a little bit…
Ta Da! Ready for the Easter Bunny now!
well these will probably become deviled eggs for tomorrow 🙂

Did you dye Easter Eggs??

3 thoughts on “we are kids at heart

  1. Julia says:

    ahhhhhhhhh!! how freaking fun! LOVE the pic of your bro and Katie…so cute. And his egg…even cuter. Then the “Eat Me”…I was laughing out loud hysterically :)I want to dye eggs!! Happy Easter 🙂


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